Everything Old is Modern Again – Photographs of “Quilts: A Modern Perspective” @ Towson Arts Collective

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Vine Ripened: Albert Birney

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Photos from the BmoreArt Magazine Launch Party!

Towson Arts Collective’s current exhibit, Quilts: A Modern Perspective, is a colorful assortment of “today’s” style of quilting. The Modern quilt style showcases negative space, bright and unexpected fabrics, and unorthodox piecing. The quilts are from members of the Baltimore Modern Quilt Guild, and they have assembled a thorough survey of styles of varying complexity and skill levels.

The exhibit is due to close Saturday, November 21st. You can take one last peek at the reception from 3-5pm on Saturday.

Photos by Rebecca Juliette. She likes photographing and admiring quilts more than making them herself 😉

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