2021 BmoreArt Holiday Gift Guide

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Shop local this season from Baltimore-based stores and creators. Buy these gifts for yourself or for someone that you love.


Ivy Bookshop, Merkaba Publications, Atomic Books, Greedy Reads, Red Emma's

For your friend who loves to read:

Merkaba Publications
This beautiful art book would be a welcome addition to anyone’s library: Exploring Presence: African American Artists in the Upper South by Angela N. Carroll and published by Merkaba Publications. ($70)

Ivy Bookshop (Mount Washington/Roland Park area)
The Ivy Bookshop offers several different book subscription services at a range of prices. Consider giving the gift of a new cookbook ($465, includes shipping) every month for a year.

Atomic Books (Hampden)
Ready yourself for a potentially meta moment by picking up The Stuff of John Waters Movies by Gabriel Edwards ($15), a book of illustrations of the Baltimore director’s movies, with the possibility (not guaranteed) of bumping into John Waters while you’re there.

Red Emma’s (Mount Vernon/Midtown)
Here’s a true-crime thriller illustrating the fact that truth is actually scarier than fiction because it’s about real-life crooked cops in Baltimore. Brandon Soderberg and Baynard Woods’ book I Got A Monster ($17.99) came out on paperback this year. 

Greedy Reads (Remington and Fells Point)
If you want to give something kinda personal with a cool tote bag but you need a little assistance, Greedy Reads has these curated bags starting at $50. Tell them your or your friends’ favorite books and current mood and they will select books for you! 


Keystone Korner, Soundgarden, Charlie Brown Christmas via Baby's on Fire

For your friend who really loves music:

Baby’s On Fire (Mount Vernon)
Baby’s On Fire makes great coffee and great pastries, and while their indoor record shop is closed you can still buy records from them online. Recommended: Vince Guaraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Soundgarden (Fells Point)
How about a Gift Card for the audiophile to buy some records?

Keystone Korner (Fells Point)
…Or a night out to hear some holiday jazz? Keystone Korner in Fells has a number of concerts in December. 


Vent Coffee Roasters, Sophomore Coffee

For the coffee connoisseur in your life:

Sophomore Coffee (Old Goucher)
This cool, sleek stainless steel travel mug (16oz. $40/12oz. $35) makes a great gift for your always-caffeinated friend. 

Vent Coffee Roasters (Woodberry)
Vent has a great Fireside Holiday Blend (12 oz., $18) that’s way better than anything at Starbucks.


Schola, Neopol Smokery, NiHao

For the friend who always picks the restaurant:

NiHao (Canton)
I know these spices/condiments from NiHao are going to be delicious: New Bay Seasoning ($6), Zhong Sauce ($12), Meiwei Chili Oil ($13).

Neopol Smokery (Belvedere Square and other locations)
These smorgasbords of smoked meats, fish, and salads make entertaining super easy. (Pictured: Neopol Smoked Fish and Meat Basket, $160)

Schola (Mount Vernon)
Sign yourself and a friend up for that cooking class (pictured: The Art of Making Pasta, $59) you’ve been talking about for years. 


Good Neighbor, Personal Best Ceramics

For your air-sign friend who really cares about aesthetics and has great taste and you really need to impress them:

Good Neighbor (Hampden)
Peruse Good Neighbor’s collection of artist’s pieces, such as this collaboration made by woodworkers Alejandro Garcia and Estela Macedo: “Each piece is unique in form, handmade using local walnut or white oak, and numbered by sign painter Sean Danaher @danahersigns.” 

Personal Best Ceramics
Check out this beautiful ceramic mug (This and That Mug, smaller, $54) by Baltimore artist Whitney Simpkins (aka Personal Best Ceramics) that will look beautiful on all of your Instagram or TikTok home cafe videos.


Sacre Sucre, Mount Royal Soaps

For your own #selfcaresunday. Listen, you’ve worked hard and survived nearly two years of an ongoing global pandemic. You deserve something nice:

Sacré Sucré (Fells Point)
…Like these indulgent dark chocolates ($35) from Sacré Sucré.

Mount Royal Soaps (Remington)
…Or this festive body scrub ($18.99) from Mount Royal Soaps that might get you in the holiday spirit.


Ivy Hotel, Magdalena, 228 Grant Street

For whoever you’re trying to romance:

The Ivy Hotel (Mount Vernon)
If you’re really trying to romantically impress someone, how about a night at the Ivy Hotel 👀  Or perhaps just dinner at Magdalena. Either would be a dream.

228 Grant Street
If a staycation is out of your budget (it’s definitely out of mine), one of these elegant room-filling scents from 228 Grant Street is sure to set the mood. This Cedar + Vanilla Apothecary Jar is $34. 


Dulceology, Cajou Creamery

For your friend who always eats dessert first:

Dulceology (Federal Hill)
Take a look at this gift box of classic desserts from Dulceology. ($39.95)

Cajou Creamery (Mount Vernon/Downtown)
This vegan sweet potato pie ice cream (pint, $12) is indulgent and sorta healthy!


The Paper Herald, KSM Candle Co., Angels Ate Lemons, Pomona Floral

For the hostess/host that graciously invites you over for dinner:

Paper Herald (Mount Vernon)
This is a nice holiday gift box (2021 Holiday Gift Box, $50) from a new Black woman-owned stationery store in Mount Vernon.

Pomona Floral + Angels Ate Lemons (Old Goucher)
Consider, too, a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bottle of natural wine ($75).

KSM Candle Co. (Clipper Mill)
Buy a beautiful candle from KSM, or one of their kits that allow you to make candles at home!


I. Henry Photo Project via Uncorked & Cultured, Amy Scripts


Uncorked & Cultured
Send a set of Black Holiday Cards featuring images from The I. Henry Photo Project Archive  ($20). Available online.

Amy Scripts
Snag a keychain from this Pantone-themed collection by Amy Scripts. She recently shared a @TheBaltimoreFoodie-themed one. I really love this Baltimore saltbox yellow one. ($12)



A Day N June, Bushelers of Baltimore, Milkweed Ceramics, Poppy & Stella

For your stylish friend:

A Day N June
Give them this super chic vintage blazer ($68).

Milkweed Ceramics
These lovely butterfly earrings from Claire di Salvo (aka Milkweed Ceramics) are sold out, but check out what’s left of their Fall ‘21 collection.

Poppy & Stella (Fells Point and other locations)
This burgundy velvet Duster jacket ($92) is so elegant it will steal the show at any Zoom or IRL office party. I want one!!!!

Bushelers of Baltimore (Mount Vernon)
Give them a gift card to get something fabulous altered from Bushelers of Baltimore, a Black-owned tailor shop in Mount Vernon. 


For the dog lover in your life:

Mark off the days of 2022 with this 13-month wall calendar featuring images from Jill Fannon’s photo series 100% adorable art dogs.


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