August Station North Art Walk: Photos

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One of the best aspects of city life is to never have to ride in a car, to be able to walk to work, shopping, and for recreation. In many cities, it has become common to host walkable, collaborative cultural events where a variety of different venues choose to open their doors and host simultaneous receptions and performances. Each summer, Baltimore’s Station North Arts District organizes a monthly art walk to showcase a variety of different art galleries, studios, retail, and food, all located within reasonable walking distance of one another. They print out free maps, available at each participating location for self-guided tours, and offer modest funding to cover hospitality.

Since Station North is an extra-long and odd-shaped arts district, they tend to emphasize one end or the other in each walk. On Friday, August 25, they hosted a Greenmount-West focused walk, with Open Works serving as an anchor with plentiful maps and an outdoor makers market.

“What I love most about our art walks is that we invite the public into the intimate, imaginative, unusual spaces where artists make their work,” says Abby Becker, the Director of the Station North Arts District, which is a program of the Central Baltimore Partnership. “Over a dozen artists opened their studio doors at spaces including Area 405, where we also hosted the inaugural Greenmount West Community Art Show. The work of being an artist is wrapped up in a certain mystique, and these events are a chance for people of all ages, from all walks of life to experience the way that arts and culture bring us together.”

Photographer Jill Fannon visited as many of the following locations on the SN Map and captured the energy, enthusiasm, and participants.

Participating Art Walk Venues on August 25:


Area 405 | 405 E Oliver St

Open Studios, Greenmount West Community Art Show, Plied Yarns Pop-Up, Outdoor Music by Christie Macdonald

Jared Christensen, Do Good Video, Brandon Donahue-Shipp, Priyanka Kumar, Jon Malis, Charles Masson III, 2nd Floor

Terence Nicholson, Lehna Huie, SIFU SUN, 3rd Floor

hybrid, steps to indoor studios


Artist & Craftsman Supply | 137 W North Ave

Free gel plate printing workshop


Baltimore Improv Group Theater | 1727 N Charles St, $10 tickets

Guilty Pleasures, 7PM; Baltimore Improv Showdown, 9PM

Mention ‘Art Walk’ for BOGO tickets to your next improv show

indoors, wheelchair accessible


Baltimore Jewelry Center | 10 E North Ave, Suite 130

Exhibition and Trunk Show by Amelia Toelke

indoors, accessible entrance located on the Charles St. side of the building near the BJC mural. Ring doorbell.


The Cork Factory | 302 E Federal St 

Open Studios: Carol Higgs, Tommy Mitchell, Nick Weihe, 4th Floor; Lyndie Vantine, 5th Floor


The Crown | 1910 N Charles St, 9:30PM, 21+, $10-15

Ducky’s Dungeon Baltimore Club Night

indoors, steps to dance hall


Gallery CA I 440 E. Oliver St.

Art Exhibition: Heroes & Villains, Noreen Smith solo show



Guilford Hall Brewery I 1611 Guilford Ave

Mention the Art Walk for a buy one, get one free beer special!


MICA Fred Lazarus IV Center I 131 W. North Ave

MICA Graduate Studies Alumni Exhibition

Indoors, accessible



Art Exhibition: Return to the Land | Main Gallery

TheGroovyVandal I Open Studio

indoors, accessible


NIGHT OWL GALLERY | 1733 Maryland Ave, 2nd Floor

Opening Reception: Erhan Us, Studio Tour

indoors, steps required 


Oliver Street Studios | 401 E. Oliver St

Open Studio: Room Full of Crazy Collective

indoors, steps required


Open Works I 1400 Greenmount Ave
Art Walk Makers Market, Facility Tour, Food by Simpleton. & Palo Santo Paletas, Music by DJ Trillnatured outdoors, indoor facility tour at 6:30 PM


Oyin Handmade I 1812 Greenmount Ave, Suite 101
Scent Bar, indoors, accessible


THE ROYAL BLUE I 1733 Maryland Ave
Jaz Erenberg Mural Celebration, Opening Reception: Paintings by Josh Brooks


Schuler School of Fine Art I 7 E Lafayette Ave
Studio Tour & Art Exhibit
indoors, ramp available


Books and Live Music


Station North Tool Library I 417 E OLIVER ST
Open House & Alley Bar


Studio Blue | 209 McAllister St, 2nd Floor
Open Studios: La Loupe & Rosa Chang
indoors, steps to 2nd floor


Surreal Canvas Fashion Show at 8:30PM + 15% off in store
hybrid, 3-4 steps


Tapas Teatro I 1711 N. Charles St.

Live Music by Marco Hague + Art Walk Special Venetian Paloma



True Vine Record Shop I 1827 N Charles St
New and Used Vinyl


The Wonderground I 409 E Lanvale St., 5-8PM
Natural Dye Workshop for All Ages 10+ *Families Welcome* Presented by the Greenmount West Community Association and Neighborhood Fiber Company outdoors



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