Renee Stout is the 2012 Sondheim Award Winner

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I’m not one to brag, but I KNEW it!!! This is the first year I have ever called it correctly. Renee Stout is the recipient of the newly-flush 2012 Sondheim Prize and she is a terrific selection! Check out her website and work here:
Despite her DC-area address, Stout is having a banner year here in Balmore that started with the successful ‘Material Girls’ exhibit at the Reginald Lewis Museum, which resulted in an Art in America review that clearly favored Stout. The Howard University professor’s work features a range of media and explores a voodoo-inspired alter ego, and has clearly struck a chord here. What’s remarkable about this is that the chord has reverberated to include a national audience, as well as a 30G cash award.
Congratulations, Renee! Your excellent work, as well as your humility as an artist, make you a national ambassador for the arts here in Baltimore! Spend your prize well. 
Photo by Kaveh Sardari via The JHU Gazette
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