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Mara Neimanis is the founder and principal performer of In-Flight Theater in Baltimore. Her work comprises original solo and ensemble aerial plays as well as on-site installation/performances in collaboration with sculptor Tim Scofield and director Bryce Butler. Mara creates theatre in the air using invented aerial apparatus that include static and suspended steel sculptures. Drawing on traditions of Mask Performance, Clown, and Commedia dell’Arte, her work integrates circus arts with physical acting to create stories, text, and characters which explore the rich interplay of imagination between air and ground. Mara is interested in using acting and aerialism in nontraditional ways in order to cross personal boundaries and limitations.

(courtesy of the artist’s website)


Name: Mara Neimanis

Age: Aerial mid way

Occupation: Aerial Actor, playwright, theater instructor, with specialty in originally devised work and physical theater.

Baltimore Neighborhood: Mt. Washington

Obsessive Collections: Well, I like to collect art as I can but my obsession is with the “Sinner” key chains that come with my skate board wheels that I use for Air Heart. The little guy has sinner written on his head and he holds a club behind his back. It’s wonderful-outrageous.

Currently Reading: You don’t want to know. The book that I read before that was A Field Guide to Getting Lost, by Rebecca Solnit. One of my favorite writers right now.

Coolest Place You’ve Ever Lived or Travelled To: Jerusalem. I lived there. Costa Rica. I worked there.

Hobbies or Leisure Activities: Besides being with my dog….being an aerial/theater maker does not allow for hobbies or leisure activities for me.

Favorite Food to Eat at Home: Anything that is a result of The Baltimore Farmers Market.

Favorite Food to Eat Out: Mediterranean-METZEH in Fells Point! Get the falafel and know its truth!  Order anything else and be assured that it will be fabu and well worth it. Thank you, Metzeh.

Favorite Beverage of Choice: Mojitos, Vina Alberdi, Rum Punch (especially on The Haight in SF) pomegranate juice, carrot and beet juice, water from Jerusalem. I have a lot of beverages of choice.

Political Leanings: Bernie Sanders, Jon Stewart, Gandhi, Mandela, Gloria Steinem, Kate Bush, Jerry Garcia

Favorite Baltimore spot to hang out: My studio, Tim Scofield’s studio, Joe Squared, Artifact, The Laughing Pint, BUS on East and Eastern Ave

Pets: I happen to have the sweetest angel in the universe, Freya, my boxer dog. Never met a sweeter being before!

Favorite Artist, Living or Dead: My goodness, how lovely to say that there are really so many of them. Of course one of my first is Sir Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and such original theater makers like Knee High Productions, and Spy Monkey, both out of Northern England. Terry Sendgraff my mentor, the list goes on.

Movie that Sums Up the Current State of Your Life: Orlando, starring Tilde Swinton.

Favorite Bad Habit: butter

Mantra or Favorite Quote: Not later, not with someone else, not some other place, not outside yourself.


Find Mara online

and in person:

  • While U Wait @ BUS, outside The Creative Alliance – September 19th –  7:30pm, with ellen cherry
  • A Sail Still Flies, Outside in the industrial section of Clipper Mill at Parkdale Ave,  Oct 10 & 11,  2pm & 6pm-Free
  • November Homage At Clipper Mill, part of Mingle At The Mill, Nov 19 7:30pm-Free

Aerial classes and instruction ongoing by appointment at In-Flight Studios in Clipper Mill,

Performances made possible by the kind support of The Ruby Artists Grant, Creative Alliance and The Klipper Family Foundation.




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