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Victoria Vox is a ukulele-toting performing songwriter. Vox was the cover of Ukulele Magazine (Spring 2015), has been featured on NPR’s “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” and won First Place for “C’est Noyé” and Runner-Up for “My Darlin’ Beau” in the International Acoustic Music Awards. Not only is she a household name on the ukulele scene, she’s also been credited for the resurgence of a Jazz Age vocal technique with her “mouth-trumpet” (as seen on the Jay Leno Show and the front page of The Wall Street Journal.) Vox holds a degree in Songwriting from the Berklee College of Music, and her career spans nine albums with her eclectic, soulful, and upbeat songs. Her website is

(bio provided by the artist)


Name:  Victoria Vox

Age: 36 

Occupation: Performing Songwriter

Baltimore Neighborhood: Mt. Vernon

Obsessive Collections: Recently, I’ve randomly acquired many seashells, however, I once spent all my money at a doll show on Betty Boop collectibles (I was 14). 

Currently Reading: Le Petit Prince (en français). 

Coolest Place You’ve Ever Lived or Travelled To: This is a tough question. Places that stand out for travel are: Montréal, Amsterdam, and Christchurch. 

Hobbies or Leisure Activities: I love listening to vinyl and going cycling. Both activities can be quite meditative. I prefer to cycle out in the country away from city traffic, though…

Favorite Food to Eat at Home: I love cooking at home, and I’d say that I’ve mastered putting together a meal with random ingredients in the fridge. I call it the “Hodgepodge,” which is usually heavy on vegetables. Also, “Ants on a Log” are a newly revived favorite. 

Favorite Food to Eat Out: I love Eastern / Indian dishes… and there is not a shortage of great restaurants in Baltimore. My favorites include the Nepal House, Indigma, and the Helmand. I like asking the waiter/waitress for their suggestion and I’m always up for trying something new.

Favorite Beverage of Choice: I’m not much of a drinker… but I do enjoy wines, both red and white, and sparkling (et un verre de Lillet de temps en temps).

Political Leanings: Politics and Religion are two things that you won’t hear me talk about – especially on the microphone at a concert. I don’t think it’s correct, nor my place to use the stage as a soapbox. I’m just here to sing some songs and make people smile. 

Favorite Baltimore spot to hang out: Now everyone will know that I’m a hermit… But, if I go out, I particularly enjoy the Charles Theatre and Tapas Teatro. 

Pets: No pets, but I have a lot of plants without names. The latest addition was the Lemon Tree. I’m so ready to make lemonade. 

Favorite Artist, Living or Dead: Laurie Anderson. My mother started taking me to her concerts when I was about 12. I’m a huge fan of her work and love her approach to performing. Violin was also my first instrument, and her use of the violin with her vocals and live looping definitely was, and is, inspiring.

Movie that Sums Up the Current State of Your Life: I’m not quite sure why… but Adaptation comes to mind!

Favorite Bad Habit: Not sure…

Mantra or Favorite Quote: Prepare for the Best Possible Outcome




Find more on Victoria Vox online:

And hear her music in person:



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