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Highlights from the 21st Marquee Ball Auction Exhibition at Creative Alliance by Cara Ober

It’s art auction season – this means it’s your chance to own a really good piece of art for a lot less than it sells in a gallery or art fair. Typically, starting auction prices are set around half of an artist’s usual market value – with the hopes that the price will rise significantly as bidders do their thing. This rarely happens in Baltimore (sad but true), which is a bummer for artists but it is a great opportunity for a collector to purchase a work by an artist that has been previously out of your price range.

In past years I have bought affordable work at MAP’s Under 500 and Out of Order (happening on Friday), as well as School 33’s Lotta Art, and Creative Alliance’s Marquee Ball. I know everyone goes to these parties to drink and have fun, but I actually keep a slush fund from previous art sales for such occasions. I go to the events to buy art!

After a preview of works up at this year’s Creative Alliance, curated by Amy Eva Raehse, Lat Naylor, and Jeremy Stern – here are my picks on the art I would buy if I could.

IMG_9244IMG_9238IMG_9210IMG_9209IMG_9196 Joan Belmar: 3D Sphere Black and White, 2011 Mixed Media – starting bid is $800
IMG_9198 Erin Fostel: Sparrows Point Blast Furnace (After Aubrey Bodine) 2016, Charcoal and graphite on paper – starting bid $200
IMG_9200 Sam Allerton Green, Synaptic Vesicles, 2013, Oil on Canvas – starts at $200
IMG_9202 Kyle Tata, White Fluorescent Diffuser #10 (Pink), 2015 – starts at $350
IMG_9204 Ellen Burchenal, from Daily Drawing Series Florence, 2015, Ink and watercolor on paper – starts at $200

IMG_9204Kyle Bauer, 48 Points, 2015-16, Mixed media – starts at $250

IMG_9207 Rosemary Liss, Rinse Out (2010) – starts at $200

IMG_9211 Karen Hubacher, Respite.02, 2013, Encaustic and Oil – starts at $350

Top: Graham Coriel-Allen, Shadow Crossing 2013, Found plywood, digital print, acylic paint lettering – starts at $150

Bottom: Lillian Hoover, Untitled (Baseboard and Shadow) 2013, Oil on panel– Starting bid $850

IMG_9216 Joseph Hyde, Beach Rocks 2015, Archival inkjet photo from silver gelatin negative – Starts at $200
IMG_9223 Tom Scott, Memory Stones, 1984-92, Acrylic on photograph- Starts at $500
IMG_9225 Mike McConnell, Night Run 2014, Acrylic on Panel – Starts at $300
IMG_9229 Yambe Tam, $29B, 2014, Pastel and pigment on panel – starts at $375
IMG_9234 Joyce Scott, From the Still Funny Series: Lover 1, 2011 – starts at $3000
IMG_9236 Amy Sherald, Untitled 2016, Graphite on paper – starts at $200

IMG_9239 Karl Connolly, The World & Me, 2015, Oil on Panel – starts at $475

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