Scene Seen: EarthseedxEarthseed + Alloverstreet’s People 4 People – Block Party

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Photos by Tommy Bruce and Ashley N. Chambers

This event was held on July 1st from 4-9PM at the 400 Block of E Oliver & Surrounding Spaces.

People 4 People was an all ages, all access, block party on the 400 block of East Oliver Street that coincided with the monthly Alloverstreet art walk that spans the many arts spaces of Station North. The event featured fun activities, music, food, art, workshops, and selected vendors.

EARTHSEED is a Baltimore based arts & culture collective that focuses on uplifting and exhibiting multiple disciplines of art with a special emphasis on the oppressed, the misrepresented, and the underrepresented. As a collective we utilize the strengths of the arts and culture community within Baltimore to bridge the gap between multiple levels of class, race, and gender in hopes to create platforms for a more progressive arts community, as we focus on strengthening the community through events that are geared toward accessibility.

True Laurels Zine Making workshop for kids and makers of all ages, Jump Rope sessions hosted by the Balti Gurls, Games and BBQ Open to all, Dance workshop (for all ages and levels) hosted by AKIMBO, Activities hosted Jubilee Arts, Bell Foundry Clothing Swap, Activities hosted by Maryland Book Bank, Activities hosted by Hidden Harvest Farms, DJ sets by HISTO & KRYPT!

* Photo Credits: Photos by Ashley N. Chambers have a pyramid logo in the bottom right corner while Tommy Bruce’s are unmarked.

tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-2 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-1tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-50July (1 of 73)July (2 of 73)July (3 of 73)July (4 of 73)July (5 of 73)July (7 of 73)

Gallery CA: Earthseed organized Baltimore-based artists at 440 E Oliver Street

tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-64 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-63 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-62 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-61 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-60 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-59 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-58 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-57 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-56 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-55July (8 of 73)

July (11 of 73)

July (12 of 73)

July (15 of 73)

July (17 of 73)

July (19 of 73)

July (20 of 73)

Area 405 Earthseed Workshops:
Quilt Making with FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture (5-6PM)
Grant Writing with Oak Hill Education Center (6-7PM)
Voguing with David Revlon (7-8PM)
& Area 405’s courtyard will feature some lovely horses for you to play with.
405 E Oliver Street

tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-19 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-54 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-53 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-52 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-51 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-47 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-46 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-45 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-44

tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-43 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-42 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-41 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-40 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-39 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-38 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-37 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-36 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-35 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-34 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-32 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-31 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-30 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-29 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-28 Station North Tool Library Extended Happy Hour: A ridiculous array of spaced-themed activities including a moon bounce and planetarium! Family friendly, kids encouraged to join!! Sponsored by Union Craft Brewing.
417 E Oliver StreetJuly (14 of 73)tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-27 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-26 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-25 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-24 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-23 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-22 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-21 July (24 of 73)July (37 of 73)

tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-3 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-17 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-16 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-15 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-14 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-13 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-12 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-11 July (36 of 73)tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-9 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-8 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-7 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-6 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-5 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-4July (29 of 73)July (30 of 73)tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-10July (32 of 73)July (35 of 73)July (39 of 73)

La Bodega Gallery: “GIMME’ SOME SHUGR: VOL. 1”
Works by Vin Seadler and Delaney Cate
The Copycat, Unit A100, 1511 Guilford AvenueJuly (40 of 73)tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-65 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-68 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-67 tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-66

Ballroom Gallery: “DARKROOM”
Not driven by impulse, painter Jinie Park and photographer Tao Ho take the world in slowly and with a sensitive touch.
The Copycat, Unit B202, 1511 Guilford Avenue

July (63 of 73)

July (64 of 73)tbruce_alloverstreet_july2016-70July (65 of 73)July (67 of 73)July (69 of 73)

Penthouse Gallery: “EARTHSEEDXEARTHSEED” 7-11pm
Featuring Kondwani Fidel, Joy Postell, Urban Shaman, Amirror & The Reflections, visual installation by Wickerham & Lomax, with keynote speaker Sheila Gaskins.
The Copycat, Unit B501, 1511 Guilford AvenueJuly (70 of 73)July (44 of 73)July (46 of 73)July (47 of 73)July (48 of 73)July (51 of 73)July (53 of 73)July (60 of 73)

July (62 of 73)

July (71 of 73)

July (72 of 73)

July (73 of 73)

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