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BmoreArt Releases Issue 16: Collaboration

On Thursday, November 16, we hosted a magazine release party for Issue 16, The Collaboration Issue, at the iconic George Peabody Library. Invitees included all featured artists, contributors, and media partners, as well as subscribers to the publication at the Artist or Premium level.

Our event was generously sponsored by Classic Catering, Baltimore Spirits Company, Union Brewing, and the Peabody Library. It included a performance by resident artist Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown, live Billie and Ethel music by Maria Scott on grand piano, and a delicious yet effective signature cocktail.

In BmoreArt’s Collaboration issue (sweet sixteen! how quickly they grow up!), we explore synergistic models in the region, artists whose practice invites others in, organizations who prioritize collective action, and institutional entities willing to elevate local partners.

The issue features Graham Projects on the cover, Mobtown Ballroom, JHU Sheridan Libraries Artist-in-Residence Nicoletta Daríta de la Brown, Our Time Kitchen, Greedy Reads’ sell-out Water Taxi cruises, Second Chance’s mission to uplift individuals as well as historic things, Elena Volkova’s portrait series, the Baltimore Met Gala, Made in Baltimore, and many other artists who place collaboration at the center of their practice.

I know we tend to emphasize the subjects of our stories, as we should, but I would like to draw your attention to our advertising partners in Issue 16. While this might seem obvious, I need to say it, over and over again: BmoreArt cannot exist without the visionary support of a variety of organizations, institutions, and individuals. This is an ongoing partnership and it is personal for us.

Extra kisses and thank you’s: The Walters Art Museum, BOPA, Visit Baltimore, MICA, UMBC, The Ruby’s, Creative Alliance, Classic Catering, The Reginald Lewis Museum, Made in Baltimore, Everyman Theatre, Night Owl Gallery, Academy Art Museum, Highlandtown Gallery, the American Craft Council, Open Works, the Charles and Senator Theatres, Union Brewing, and Baltimore Spirits Company. Whether you are familiar with these organizations or they are new to you, I encourage you to give them another look and consider the value of choosing to support local and regional organizations who intentionally support other organizations.


We are always so excited to host these events, to welcome new members to our community, and to recognize and celebrate the incredible talent that our city produces. Our next issue, to be released in May 2024, will take on the theme of Transformation. Send us your ideas and pitches to consider as we move toward curating its content.

To attend our next magazine release party, subscribe at the Artist or Premium level! It guarantees two tickets to our biannual (twice a year!) events which are like none other in town, as well as invitations to events in our gallery, in collector’s homes, and at a variety of intimate and special events highlighting the art and culture in Baltimore.

To purchase a single copy of Issue 16, and/or back issues head to our online shop or go to Atomic Books, Greedy Reads, the BMA Museum Shop, the Ivy, and other independent booksellers.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful party photos by Oliver Maddox. With all certainty we can say that BmoreArt’s subscribers have impeccable style and show up dressed for an occasion – especially all the models from the Baltimore Met Gala story, and not just because it’s their job!

Until next time… Mwah! Kiss noises from the BmoreArt team. 🎉✨📚🎉
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Cara Ober, Editor and Publisher


This story is from Issue 16: Collaboration, available here.

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