Stories by Ed Gunts
The Pope of Trash delivered his speech to graduates of SVA's Class of 2020 and 2021 at a make-up in-person ceremony

"You have to create and develop your own insane opportunities, and believe me, that’s when the real fun begins."

After a five-year renovation, the Holliday Street building is starting a new life

The non-profit group behind the restoration has successfully completed its $5.5 million capital campaign and scheduled a Grand Opening ceremony for August 13, 2022, the 208th anniversary of The Peale’s original opening.

MD lawmakers approve more than $50 million for the arts, including funding for a makerspace program and for Baltimore public schools' art supplies and equipment

Will Holman, Open Works' executive director, said in an email that the bill’s passage represents a “historic accomplishment for the maker movement” and puts Maryland in a leadership role.