Quentin Gibeau

Stories by Quentin Gibeau
Reflecting on a Dérive through Artscape and its Memories

Finding Ourselves at the Corner of North and Charles: Photos, New Memories, and Creative Achievements of Artscape 2023

After a Nearly Year-Long Hiatus, Waller Gallery's first Show Post-Renovation is a Welcome Reminder of the Space's Necessity

"Surviving the One" by Roberto Dyea (AKA Tsi Yoo Nah) closes this Saturday, June 22nd. It marks the first show at the new and improved Waller Gallery since the gallery closed for renovations last September.

An Exhibition of 81 Individual Artists Curated from the MSAC Artist Registry

What does a survey of contemporary art in Maryland look like in 2023?

"Compensation for Loss" Historicizes our Present at America's Oldest Museum

An examination of ecology in this current moment in human history, filtered through the lens of artistic and historical pastiche at the Peale