Branded Goods

Type Bubbles Tote Bag

By BmoreArt

Carry BmoreArt wherever you go. Our cute tote is a carry-all and lets you show the world that you like to keep BmoreArt by your side. Made of durable 100% denim cotton, it is produced by SewLab USA, a Baltimore-based manufacturing company that provides superior quality soft goods constructed from sustainably sourced materials.

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Measuring 14” high by 13” wide, the Type Bubbles Tote provides plenty of space for your BmoreArt print journals, laptop, books, and more! It has neon green polypropylene straps that tuck comfortably under your arm with enough give to wear over a coat or sweater.


The artwork was created by BmoreArt’s Designer-in-Residence, Raquel Castedo. It displays a playful design with the publication’s tagline: “Art. Culture. Conversation.”


To create the bag, we teamed up with SewLab USA. The spirit of SewLab USA lies in the steadfast history of manufacturing in the USA: quality products conscientiously constructed, not just by laborers but by highly trained Baltimore-based artisans who are dedicated to their craft.


We partnered with Syndicate Screenprint Company for printing, run by Baltimore-based creative Navid Sarfaraz, whose business is based in the Hampden neighborhood.

Shipping costs are included in the price of the shirt, estimated around $3.50. We hope you will take a photo and tag us on social media once it arrives!