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Art Theme: Prints and Multiples!

As February comes to a close, ticking one calendar day off at a time like a twenty-eight day prison sentence, things are looking up. Baltimore is finally thawing out from the aggressive bleakness of winter, birds singing, sun shining, etc. But – better than those things – it is time, once again, for one of the Baltimore art community’s most exciting events: Open Space’s Prints and Multiples Fair (V)!!! After an extremely successful event last year, PMF has expanded to include additional, coordinated programming at Guest Spot, Springsteen, MICA, the Crown and the Copy Cat spaces, as well as lectures and performances.  The artists, small presses and vendors offer an exciting array of artist books, zines, prints, serial and limited-edition works.  Believe me, March 8 – 9 is the best time to spend all your money in one place!!

In the spirit of the Prints and Multiples fair, this Art I’d Buy is dedicated to excellent editions, both local and afar:

Artist: Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Medium: 3D printed sculpture / accessory
Price Range: $35 + shipping
Status: Available, in many options!
Baltimore Connection: Local

Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez is a multidisciplinary artist who has created a number of books, prints, cast cement sculptures and other editions as part of his diverse studio practice. His latest piece, a timely, anti-NSA laptop accessory called Privacy Hand, is a 3D printed plastic hand.  The hand/clip is fitted to a number of laptop models and available in additional, custom sizes. The sculpture, which clips with the hand pointed downward (palm obscuring the webcam), is available in white, black, blue, purple, red and hot pink. There are also luxury gold and silver-plated options.

Find the privacy hands and a range of products on Lesser’s webshop

karuskevich_fontanaphotograms_ group01 edit

Artist: Val Karuskevich
Medium: Photogram Series
Price Range: $200 – $500
Status: Available
Baltimore Connection: Local
Val is about to complete his BFA at MICA in Photography. Combining a photo background with conceptual practices, his newest series of photograms use Fontana-like slashed canvases to create these beautifully inverted images that give the illusion of a physical positive form from the subtractive, minimalist trope.

The series is titled Concetto Spaziale ( Inverting the Void ) and each piece is a C-print in artist frame ranging in size from 11” x 14” – 20” x 24.”

Val’s work can be viewed online at He has two upcoming exhibitions, a solo show at Lil’ Gallery in April and a two-person project at Springsteen Gallery, along with Steven Riddle, which opens March 7th.


Artist: Fiona Sergeant
Medium: Zcorp printed sculptures
Price Range: $100 – $300
Status: Available
Baltimore Connection: Local

Fiona Sergeant is also in her last semester at MICA, soon to complete her BFA in sculpture. During a recent studio visit, Sergeant showed me her miniature plaster-printed sculptures of imaginary, handheld landscapes and I have been thinking about them ever since. The series, titled The Land of Nod, consists of eight self-contained terrains, complete with small monuments and geometric structures. They are drawn by hand, re-rendered on the computer, printed and then excavated carefully by the artist. Each little form looks like a delicate, lunar ruin. There is currently one edition completed, but they are individually available in a limited quantity.

View more of Fiona’s work through her Baker Artist Profile,


Artist: Ursula Minervini
Medium: Etchings
Price Range: Price on request
Status: Limited Edition Available (and I own one of each of these!)
Baltimore Connection: Local

Ursula Minervini is a local artist, printer and adjunct professor at Towson University and MICA.  She recently completed her MFA at Towson, exhibiting her woodcuts, etchings, books and monoprints in her thesis exhibition.  In addition to her fine art practice, Ursula is the joint owner of Pellinore Press, a letterpress company that accepts custom jobs as well as offering a selection of greeting cards, patches and other printed products.

The two images above are details from

Guta Yawa with White Speck
8 x 5.875 (image)
Talk Like Bears
7.875 x 5.375 (image)

Find more on Ursula and Pellinore Press through her website:

Artist: (Gallery) Two Queens
with prints available by a number of artists including James Clarkson (above)
Medium: Risograph Prints
Price: 10 GBP
Status: Available (I own one!)
Baltimore Connection: the internet

Two Queens is an artist-run gallery and studio building in Leicester, England. In addition to curatorial programming, Two Queens also offers limited-edition risograph prints through their online shop by a number of artists they’ve exhibited. Prints by James Clarkson, Kitty Clark, John Walter, Ian Hales, Matthew Parkin, George Eksts, Benedict Drew and Charles Danby & Rob Smith are currently available, but artists are added periodically, so I suggest bookmarking the site!

Artist: (Press) Worthwhisland
with works available by a small selection of artists, including Meghan Petras (above)
Medium: Silkscreens, C-Prints
Price Range: $100 – $300
Status: Available
Baltimore Connection: internet

Worthwhisland offers editions, unique to their website by a small selection of invited artists.  Their mission is to offer affordable works by emerging and established artists, through larger editions and alternative reproduction techniques.  In addition to the 3-color silkscreen on canvas above by Megan Petras (a steal at $275 for a 27″ x 20″ stretched print), Worthwhisland carries works by Ross Bleckner, Joshua Abelow, An Hoang and more.

Find a complete selection of prints on their site:

Artist: (curatorial project) Daily Operation
with editions and serial works available by invited artists including Ethan Greenbaum (above)
Medium: Cast Paper Pulp, Digital Prints, Paintings, C-Prints, Screen prints
Price Range: $100 – 250
Status: Still some works available!!
Baltimore Connection: There is a long-winded one but also, the internet.

Daily Operation is a nomadic, curatorial project in Brooklyn, NY founded by Jon Lutz.  Lutz solicited new serial and printed works by a few of the many artists he has worked with in his exhibitions, making these affordable works available through the Daily Operation website.  While many of the pieces have sold, and some editions have sold out completely, there are still great pieces available by Ethan Greenbaum (above), Carrie Pollack, J D Walsh and more!

View all the available works:

Artists: Open Space / PMF V / everyone!
Medium: Prints, books, jewelry, posters, zines, apparel, music, everything
Price Range: Something for everyone (free – $500)
Status: Excited!
Baltimore Connection: It’s right here!!

On March 8 – 9, be an educated art consumer, peruse the outstanding list of vendors below

Open Space’s Fifth Annual Publications and Multiples Fair

D Center, 16 West North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21218
March 8th and 9th, 12pm – 6pm Saturday and Sunday

2D Cloud
57 Cell
Andrew Walters
Andy Gabrysiak
Arts & Sciences Projects
Beauty Today
Bernard Stiegler
Bite Not Press
Black Aggie Press
Blaise Larmee
Booklyn Artists Alliance
Brian Blomerth
Color Wheel Digital Printing
Conveyor Editions
Current Space
Dale Beran
Dylan Thadani
Ehse Records
Emily Burtner
Empty Stretch
Eric Helgas
Gary Kachadourian
Get Lost
Ginevra Shay
Hic & Hoc Publications
Holy Page Records
Hood College Art Galleries
James Bouché
Jessica Hans Ceramics
Julia Scott
Julia Yerger
Justin Sloane
Kodi Fabricant
Kyle Tata
Lale Westvind
Lauren Pakradooni
Leah Wishnia
Lease Agreement
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Litho Shop
Matt Thurber
Max Eilbacher
Mega Press
MICA: Retooling the Cottage
Mickey Zacchilli
Mike Taylor
Mixed Media
Morgan Frailey
Nicholas Verstraeten
NNA Tapes
Open Space
Poety Unlimited
Print/Collect Process Collective
Publishing Genius
Rachel Younghans
Rock & Rose
Rock Bottom
Rosemary Liss
Ryan Syrell
Sacred Prism
Spaces Corners
Spider’s Pee-Paw
Swill Children
Terence Hannum
Too Temporary
WEIRD Magazine
Wham City
Wiley Guillot
Worms Press
Zach Hazard Vaupen
Zine Of The Month
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