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Beautiful Walls for Baltimore is a new exhibit at School 33 Art Center. It is a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Baltimore Mural Program. The multi-disciplinary exhibition encompasses each of the three galleries at School 33 Art Center and features new and re-created mural works, photography, multi-media presentations, drawings, and written histories. The exhibition is on view from Friday, December 4, 2015 through Saturday, January 30, 2016.

In addition to the exhibit, School 33 conducted a free Baltimore Mural Tour on December 19. I attended the  guided bus tour of Baltimore’s outdoor murals, commissioned through the Baltimore Mural Program conducted by artist & tourguide Graham Coreil-Allen. On and off the bus, this was a great way to showcase Baltimore’s neighborhoods and murals. We had a great time on the 90-minute tour and I think School 33 should do this again!

For more information about Beautiful Walls For Baltimore, visit S33’s website

6798_776420520917_1665875297001054380_n 10526076_776419862237_4665125096259078006_nMap of the Art@Work Mural sites

Nate Larson show, documenting the students in the summer program.1240050_776419897167_7211268010195126860_nCloseup: Location of two featured murals on the tour.1415073_776419952057_2510497891919310319_o This show is on the second floor of School 33, right above the Beautiful Walls Baltimore show. I had not planned to come up here but I was immediately struck by how the students that participated in the mural painting this summer are just kids.  People want to see thugs, and public menaces or suspects and I see kids.

I see hot, Baltimore summers. I see young people doing something with their time.921190_776419986987_1482030622673874225_o 1498046_776419917127_864114700265659901_o74992_776420066827_6952680482675032232_nMary Carfagno Ferguson, 1999, Alley Rowhouse, 343 Scott Street1546417_776420381197_2387787195527356075_nGraham Coreil-Allen leads the tour941072_776420181597_6032871511153721810_n10410803_776419712537_3626423088999081335_n-1There are three murals in three distinct surfaces in this open space in Charles Village/ Station North. Perfect place for a neighborhood party, surrounded by creative vibes and bright colors.
6186_776419742477_885139810689484973_n Robert Hieronimus, 1974, “The Bicentennial Mural,” repainted & expanded 2014, now “We The People.”12419045_776419802357_4677481177602154361_oMichael Owen, 2013, Charles North and “Walk the Line” with Jessie Unterhalter & Katie Truhn below12440558_776419772417_7755644133235222785_oJessie Unterhalter & Katie Truhn, 2012, “Walk the Line”
1533717_776420436087_1556688629578610002_n South facing wall on the building that houses Jubilee Arts.12291840_776419837287_4807640139510253231_o Tom Miller, 1996, “Children Playing” at corner of Harford Rd. and North Ave.886229_776420416127_5649768189346708557_o Lyle Kissack, 2007, “Memorial Garden” or “Choose Life Memorial”

This mural was made through the TKF Foundation, and dedicated to those who have died from drug addiction or violence. There is a special lighting system, specific to this mural that gives the feeling of being in a still, calm twilight forest at night.10623484_776420101757_207714532322757881_oGary Mullen, 2015, “Inspiration”
Mullen created this piece, with the help of students from the BOPA, Jubilee Arts and Youth Works summer program, Art@Work10400706_776420131697_6276149236835052739_n This piece was created to give those living in Sandtown, and commuting through the Pennsylvania and North area a bit of love and good feelings on their way to and fro10275917_776420331297_7520591332053139469_n Lyle Kissack, 2001, Kids & Community Street Scene1010005_776420031897_1386278649914291409_n 12465924_776420226507_1477937725685329530_oErnest Shaw Jr. with Nether & Eric Shaw III, 2015, “Sankofa”
Another mural right at the Pennsylvania and North intersection, diagonally across the steet from the CVS that was burned down during the events in April 2015.

School 33 Art Center is managed by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts and is located at 1427 Light Street. Gallery hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 4pm.

Tell them if you think they should repeat the mural tour again this summer!

Author / photographer Lauren Van Slyke is Marketing Director at BmoreArt.

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