Kerr Houston

Kerr Houston


Kerr Houston has taught art history and art criticism at MICA since 2002. He is the author of the book An Introduction to Art Criticism (Pearson, 2012), and his recent writings range from an article on a metaphorical aspect of the Sistine Chapel chancel screen, in Source, to an extended essay on Candice Breitz’s Extra, in Nka.

Stories by Kerr Houston
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You don’t have to be a connoisseur or a Catholic to enjoy this medieval relic.

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Near the entrance into Soledad Salamé’s lyrical, affecting show at Goya Contemporary, We the Migrants: Fleeing/Flooding, on view through Oct. 26, stand three thick piers comprised of stacked, folded newspapers. ...

The new Middle East Institute Art Gallery, which opened its doors with a lively reception on September 14, certainly holds promise. It’s a handsome (if modest) space, in an enviable ...