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Selections and Photos by Bonnie Crawford Kotula

Returning for its third year, the Artist-Run Art Fair provides Artscape visitors access to the work of emerging contemporary artists, as exhibited by artist-run galleries and curatorial projects from Baltimore and around the country. Artist-run spaces are a vital part of a city’s contemporary art community and the Artist-Run Art Fair showcases this thriving national community. Artist-Run Art Fair is curated and organized by Open Space, an artist-run gallery located at 512 West Franklin Street in Baltimore, MD.

2016 Artist-Run Art Fair Participants:

Labbodies (Baltimore, MD)
The White Page (Minneapolis, MN)
Current Space (Baltimore, MD)
Good Weather (North Little Rock, AR)
Short House (Los Angeles, CA)
JAUS (Los Angeles, CA)
Platform Gallery (Baltimore, MD)
The Front (New Orleans, LA)
make Studio (Baltimore, MD)
Terrault (Baltimore, MD)
Open Space (Baltimore, MD)
HOUSEBOY (Pittsburgh, PA)
Fernwey Gallery (Chicago, IL)
Gallery Aferro (Newark, NJ)
Bookish Baltimore (Baltimore, MD)
Phoebe (Baltimore, MD)

Friday, July 15, 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday, July 16, 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday, July 17, 11 am – 6 pm

The Artist-Run Art Fair is FREE and open to the public.

2016-07-15-2016-07-15 14.06.06 Scoping Things Out at Terrault Contemporary2016-07-15 18.32.16 White Guilt Confessional by April Danielle Lewis with LabBodies

2016-07-15 17.58.34 Labbodies: White Guilt Confessional by April Danielle Lewis2016-07-15 18.31.58 2016-07-15 18.31.40 Make Studio2016-07-15 18.31.34 Make Studio2016-07-15 18.31.12 Make Studio2016-07-15 18.30.58 Terrault Contemporary2016-07-15 18.30.50 Terrault Contemporary2016-07-15 18.30.32 Art by Bonnie Crawford Kotula at Terrault Contemporary2016-07-15 18.30.21 Art by Conor Stautz at Terrault Contemporary2016-07-15 18.29.50 Books and Zines at Bookish Baltimore2016-07-15 18.29.37 Bookish Baltimore! Thanks for bringing out BmoreArt magazines!2016-07-15 18.29.20 Bookish Baltimore2016-07-15 18.28.54 Fernwey Gallery, Chicago2016-07-15 18.28.25 Fernwey Gallery, Chicago2016-07-15 18.28.12 Fernwey Gallery, Chicago2016-07-15 18.27.58 Fernwey Gallery, Chicago2016-07-15 18.26.04 Open Space, Baltimore2016-07-15 18.25.38 Phoebe exhibiting work by Sophie Friedman-PappasCecilia A.S., and Madeline Seely2016-07-15 18.23.27 Phoebe exhibiting work by Sophie Friedman-Pappas Cecilia A.S. and Madeline Seely 2016-07-15 18.23.19 Phoebe will be exhibiting work by Sophie Friedman-Pappas Cecilia A.S. and Madeline Seely at Artist-Run Art Fair2016-07-15 18.22.36 Current Space2016-07-15 18.22.04 The White Page, Minneapolis, MN2016-07-15 18.21.35Paper Cut by Christopher Allen at The White Page from Minneapolis, MN2016-07-15 18.14.48 Good Weather from Little Rock, AR2016-07-15 18.14.42 Good Weather from Little Rock, AR2016-07-15 18.14.29 Short House, LA2016-07-15 18.14.06 Phoebe Projects, Baltimore
2016-07-15 18.13.46 Short House, Los Angeles2016-07-15 18.11.11 Short House, LA2016-07-15 18.10.52 Short House, LA2016-07-15 18.09.48 Jaus from Los Angeles, CA2016-07-15 18.09.37 Jaus from Los Angeles, CA2016-07-15 18.08.12 Stewart Watson at Platform Gallery, Baltimore2016-07-15 18.08.06 Platform Gallery2016-07-15 18.07.57 Platform Gallery2016-07-15 18.07.49 Platform Gallery, Baltimore2016-07-15 18.00.14 The Front, NOLA2016-07-15 18.00.06 The Front, NOLA2016-07-15 17.59.45 The Front, NOLA2016-07-15 17.59.22 The Front, NOLA2016-07-15 17.59.13 The Front, NOLA
2016-07-15 17.58.00 Houseboy, Pittsburgh, PA2016-07-15 17.57.51Houseboy, Pittsburgh, PA

Author Bio: Bonnie Crawford Kotula is a Baltimore-based artist and professor. Her studio practice is part science experiment, part meditation, and part mischief. Employing both cerebral and sensual faculties, she makes sculptures and installations that combine tiny blinking electrical circuits with simple materials. She free-form solders the circuits into sculptural compositions and then augment them with art materials, brightly colored trash, and cheap craft supplies. The resultant amalgamations respond to the environment, signaling tenderly and playfully to the viewer.

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