Baltimore at SXSW: A Video Documentary

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Baltimore Film and Activism at South By Southwest by Phallon J. Beckham

In March of 2017, filmmakers Jenahye Johnson, Maceo Tendaji, and Phallon J. Beckham were invited to South By Southwest in Austin Texas to represent BmoreArt during the 2017 film festival. While in Texas they were surprised to see the number of Baltimore based filmmakers, activists, and artists who were showcasing their talents at SXSW.

They were able to chat with Maryland Film Festival Programmer Eric Hatch, Social Activist, Kwame Rose, and Filmmaker Theo Anthony, known for his current project, Rat Film. The festival brought people from all walks of life to the area to celebrate film, music, and activism and it was great to see Baltimore-based artists embedded in SXSW culture, representing Baltimore in positive way.

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