MICA Grad Show II: Post Bacc Fine Art

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MICA Grad Show II: Graphic Design, Master of Fine Arts

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MICA Grad Show II: Post Baccalaureate Graphic Design

Grad Show II is currently on view and features work by students in the Post Baccalaureate Fine Arts and Graphic Design programs, and the Master of Fine Arts in Illustration Practice and Graphic Design Programs. Each of these programs has a different exhibition, in one of 3 locations, that come together to constitute Grad Show II. The Post Baccalaureate Fine Art exhibition is located in Space Camp, adjacent to MICA’s graduate campus.

The Post Baccalaureate Fine Art is a year-long interdisciplinary program. The program is directed by Bill Schmidt. Unlike the rest of Grad Show II, the students’ work is not relegated to one area of the gallery but is mixed throughout the entire space.

Yueying Hou, Creatures on Other Planets

Emily Tucci, Skins

Marquise Gibbs, Composition 3

Te-Yu Liang, Untitled

Dongni Yang, Di Duan Ren Kou (Low-end Population)

Dominique Butler, Untitled (Figures)

Sungah Kang, Relationship

Ashe Glazer, Furi

Sasha Kahn, From Russia with Pride

The Post Baccalaureate Fine Art exhibition of Grad Show II will be up through April 8th at Space Camp. Click here more information about the exhibition and the other Shows.

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