Grad Show IV: Studio Art

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Grad Shows at MICA are happening through the summer. Grad Show IVfeaturing work from MFAST, the low-residency MFA in Studio Art, program is on view through July 6th in MICA’s Lazarus Center and Fox Building. The interdisciplinary program is directed by Zlata Baum.

Chinedu Felix Osuchukwu, Third Space: Nigeria America, Lazarus Center

Anna Skarbek, Stage Fright, Lazarus Center

Mary Wemple, Clean Cut, Lazarus Center

Caitlin AlbrittonInstallation Shot, Lazarus Center

Naomi Natale, 25 lbs, Meyerhoff Gallery, Fox Building

Katie MorrisInstallation Shot, Meyerhoff Gallery, Fox Building

Angelina PrestelUnattainable II, Decker Gallery, Fox Building

Rebecca Rivas-RogersInstallation Shot, Decker Gallery, Fox Building

Sasha BackhausInstallation Shot, Decker Gallery, Fox Building

Work from the Studio Art program will be up through July 6th in the Lazarus Center and Fox Building on MICA’s Campus. Click here more information about the exhibition and the other Shows

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