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This Week: We are featuring online events that you can participate in from the comfort of your own couch plus a few calls for entry to get involved locally and nationally. Stay home, stay healthy, stay engaged in the arts.

BmoreArt’s Picks presents the best weekly art openings, events, and performances happening in Baltimore and surrounding areas. For a more comprehensive perspective, check the BmoreArt Calendar page, which includes ongoing exhibits and performances, and is updated on a daily basis.

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Daylight Savings Time ends tonight - GIF on Imgur



Sidewalk Serenades Return!
ongoing through April 3
presented by Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance staff came together in mid-March of 2020 and created a program to ensure that performance happened, and happened safely, in an environment where live performance seemed impossible. By the time the final Sidewalk Serenades note rung out, the program had placed 412 concerts on all corners of Baltimore and put over $65,000 back into the hand of the artists. This program created some real Baltimore magic thanks to you, the Baltimore community. The Serenades became a model for safe, equitable arts engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Cities all over the world were envious of how Baltimore came together to support its working performers. We know…because they called! And we shared how to start the program for themselves.

Now in March of 2021, exactly a full year after our first heart-wrenching show cancellation of many, we bring back the Sidewalk Serenades. An inspirational step in a hopeful direction for performers (and all of us) in Baltimore. With this new year of Serenades, we hope to create a Baltimore tradition, where the soul-stirring sounds of live music continue on street corners, front stoops, community parks, driveways, and sidewalks, and every pocket of the city, lifting spirits and bringing us together.

Sidewalk Serenades 2021 Edition:

SAT MAR 20 | Caleb Stine
SAT MAR 20 | Brandon Woody and UPENDO
SUN MAR 21 | Kim and Sommer Walker
SUN MAR 21 | Philip Thomas
SAT MAR 27 | Rufus Roundtree & Da’ Bmore Brass Factory
SAT MAR 27 | The High & Wides
SAT MAR 27 | Slammageddon Poetry Slam Team
SAT APR 3 | Abby Becker and Nellie Sorenson



Necessary Tomorrows Presents: “we make do // wit wat we got” // “Draped in Dark”
ongoing through April 17
@ Eubie Blake Cultural Center

In a display of Black magic and majesty, the exhibitions “we make do // wit wat we got” and “Draped in Dark” are a gift to the community.

Presented and curated by Necessary Tomorrows founder Sharayna Ashanti Christmas, these exhibitions are a testament to the power of the Black communal experience and will run from March 6-April 17, 2021 at Eubie Blake Cultural Center.

“we make do // wit wat we got” is a cross-disciplinary show that speaks to the innate power of the Black womxn’s ability to make “somethin outta nuthin”, whether it be a home cooked meal or a piecing together textiles from our grandmother’s closet. In totality, this show works to share stories of celebration and admiration for the ways in which Black womxn create life for themselves and their families. Embodying the words and spirit of the late poet and activist June Jordan who reminds us, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”.

Featuring the work of Sharayna Ashanti Christmas, Bilphena Yahwon of The Womanist Reader, Sha-Shonna Rogers, Megan Lewis, Diamon Fisher, Ashley Wilder, and Nia June.

“Draped in Dark” is the debut solo exhibition of self-taught Baltimore cinematographer, director, and photographer Kirby Griffin. Griffin employs his keen eye and methodical use of chiaroscuro to capture the depths of Black personhood and humanity. In the words of Griffin,

“I wasn’t chasing a style, I was chasing a feeling…I was driven towards a God, a Black Woman, to be the subject, one specifically skilled in movement, and could communicate in that form. The underexposed lighting allowed the melanated skin to really come to life, but you could only witness it in fragments. It felt like witnessing planets shape themselves out of chaos.

I felt like I witnessed a reincarnation of mystique, in the form of Dark.”

All work is available for purchase – to inquire please contact Sharayna Ashanti Christmas at



The Science and Mystery of Sleep
ongoing through Fall 2022
@ American Visionary Art Museum

Ahead of Daylight Saving Time on March 14, the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) reminds us of the key negative effects of changing our clocks in its current exhibition “The Science and Mystery of Sleep,” now on view through Fall 2022. The museum is open to the public Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm, having reopened its doors Fall 2020 after temporarily closing last March to adhere to government guidelines around COVID-19. For timed tickets, visit

“This year Daylight Saving Time arrives especially, and grievously, early: March 14th,” says Rebecca Hoffberger, museum founder and director. “As if it weren’t bad enough already! We urge everyone to take extra care driving, performing focused tasks, and being extra kind to yourself and others. If you’re anything like me, spring’s annual hour loss of morning sleep makes one naturally grumpy and not our best.”

The Key Negative Effects of Daylight Saving Time
• Increased incidence of heart attacks and ischemic strokes in the days immediately following the loss of one hour of sleep
• More car accidents
• Greater numbers of workplace injuries
• Peak amounts of epileptic seizures
• Children with autism take far longer to adjust to the spring time change than do other children
• Clinical studies show that teenagers are especially in need of more morning sleep, and more sleep overall as their growth and hormonal changes kick in and alter their childhood circadian sleep cycles. Having to rise an hour earlier for school goes against all expert recommendations that teenagers should actually start their school day later than their younger peers. Daylight Saving Time presents a real burden to teens, causing increased irritability, shorter attention spans, and lower test scores. Conversely, test scores go up in schools that start their teen students’ day later.

Benjamin Franklin, inventor, statesman, and the original bad boy of the Founding Fathers, first conceived of “daylight saving time” in a humorous essay aimed at a system to conserve the use of candle wax. Not until WWI did most of Canada, Europe, and the US adopt this artificial, time-bending spring ritual, a.k.a. “Spring Forward.” On the surface, Daylight Saving Time sounded like a good idea, letting the farmers get an extra hour of daylight in to plant crops and gifting people more awake time during the waxing sunlight for longer days of outdoor work and play. But, yikes, no one ever counted on the degree of negative impact that the loss of one hour’s morning sleep would cause. After decades of widespread and careful data analysis, the above are surprising—even frightening—conclusions on the negative impact of Daylight Saving Time on millions of human earthlings.

Attempts to eliminate Daylight Saving Time abound, both here and in Europe where the decision to consider its total elimination looms in 2021. The efforts to fix time through legislation are many, with some urging permanent Daylight Saving Time and others, a return to uninterrupted standard time. Biologists vote for the latter: a reinstatement of good ‘ol standard time. Particularly nasty is 2020’s way early, March 8th DST time change. We vote, “no more Spring Forward” and a respectful “no” to Florida’s proposed 2020 “Sunshine Protection Act” effort to affix US time permanently to Daylight Saving Time—leaving northern schoolchildren to catch the bus in total darkness for much of their school year.

Let us return to the sun’s natural progression with a reinstatement everywhere of standard time. Unnatural, counter-circadian rhythm sleep schedules can have dire health and accident consequences. In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”



CityLit Festival – Reimagined: Words on the Winds of Change
Tuesday, March 9 | Ongoing through March 20
presented by CityLit Project + Enoch Pratt Free Library

CityLit Project partners with the Enoch Pratt Free Library for the 18th CityLit Festival as a virtual, month-long celebration with a special event each week and a day of programming on Saturday, March 20, 2021. Featured guest artists include poetry titans Nikky Finney and Terrance Hayes, novelist George Saunders teaching a Master Class ($), novelists Jenny Offill, Emily St. John Mandel, and Brandon Hobson, and a grief writing workshop withGayle Danley and Kimberley Lynne. Returning to the annual event is the popular 90-minute craft intensive titled ReThinking How We Do Story with Jennifer Baker, Matthew Salesses, Felicia Rose Chavez, Courtney Maum, and 30-minute editorial critiques with six esteemed regional editors in different genres ($). The Festival Finale highlights a special, curated event by Baltimore creatives, Nia Jones, APoetNamedNate and Kirby Griffin, spotlighting poets and filmmakers in a visual presentation called Somewhere in the Reflection.

The Festival attracts readers and writers from across the region, allowing attendees to engage fully with Jenny Offill “Weather” and Emily St. John Mandel “Station Eleven” whose reading and conversation launches the month-long event, with National Book Award winner Terrance Hayes “American Sonnets for My Past” in A Poet of These Times next week. A Festival score, Man Booker Prize winner George Saunders, “Lincoln in the Bardo”, will teach this year’s master class, A Little Romance: Reading Chekhov to Understand Love in a Zoom meeting.

Opening the day-long programming are Brandon Hobson “The Removed” and Kelli Jo Ford “Crooked Hallelujah” whose stories explore Cherokee myth and heritage, and dismantle generational cycles, the tragedy of police violence and the bond between mother-daughter. Nikky Finney, the recipient of the 2020 Wallace Stevens Award presented by the Academy of American Poets who praised her “fierce moral conviction”, reflects on the past year, the necessity of poetry, and the importance of historical context reflected in these times and in our literature.

This Festival marks the ‘return’ to the Pratt, reimagined in a virtual setting. In past years it took place at the University of Baltimore. It also introduces a new festival highlight The Writer’s Room, a 30-minute, informal craft conversation with Offill, St. John Mandel, Hayes, and a special writer’s room, Poet to Poet with Nikky Finney. Attendees must register through Eventbrite and are encouraged to come with questions meant to serve their work. The Festival includes critical discussions on The ‘State’ of Baltimore and YA authors referencing omission in the literary landscape.

“We are excited to co-host this year’s virtual CityLit Festival,” says Pratt Library President & CEO Heidi Daniel. “While we can’t wait to welcome the event back to our Central Library, I’m excited to see the new audience this important literary event will reach in Baltimore and beyond.”

“While this year’s Festival isn’t as large as previous ones, and sadly without our Literary Marketplace, we recognize our limitations as a small organization. We wanted to honor this region with treasured authors and opportunities to engage with them through The Writer’s Room,” says Carla Du Pree, executive director of CityLit Project. “We hope people take advantage of everything offered, especially, the critique sessions and the craft intensive from industry darlings. The fun remains in the discovery, and the idea of rethinking how we do stories.” This year’s iteration is a month-long observance and introduces members of The Village.

The Festival bookseller is The Ivy Bookshop. The Festival is FREE. Pre-registration is required for the Master Class ($), One-on-One Editorial Sessions ($), The Writer’s Room and the Joy in Grief workshop. For more information, visit or



Wreck – oning: National Online Juried Exhibit

 | Exhibition Opens
Wednesday, March 10
presented by Cade Gallery

Exhibit to be presented on the Cade Gallery Instagram Account @cadegalleryaacc


Joan Beard, Carol Bivins, Jordyn Brennan, Nell Breyer, Amy Bumpus, Cesar Ceballos, Linda Fuller, Sarah Gomez, Jada Grantlin, Nathan Brad Hall, Steve Heine, Ed Holten, Meredith Knight, Parvathi Kumar, Phoebe Lake, Joshua Littlefield, Jonathan Murrill, JordanRiver Michaels, Brendan Robinson, Norman Silva, Fanni Somogyi, Dian Sourelis, Bria Sterling Wilson, Samson Tonton, Jose D. Trejo-Maya, G. E. Vogt, Jenny Wu

Exhibit Theme: There has been a shift, a reckoning of sorts in the past year. As a nation of individuals, we’ve been stripped of our perceptions and understandings. We’ve been forced to simplify our lives, while also dealing with complex issues brought on by the shifts, everything from confronting our fragility as a human race to dealing with the cancer of racial injustice. The artwork in this show explores how we have confronted these complex issues as individuals and then as a nation. What have we learned? How do we think and act differently? Where do we go from here?

Exhibit Juror: Rai Arthur-Mensah

About the Juror:
Rai is a Project Director with Local Projects. Over her 12 year career, she has found ways to promote the arts in her daily work. Currently, her main role is to manage physical and media related exhibition design projects that push forward the overarching vision and goal for a cultural institution. She’s had the pleasure of launching such institutions as The Fashion For Good Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is currently working to launch the Greenwood Rising Museum in Tulsa, OK.

Separately, she’s produced a number of exhibitions where she has acted as the chief curator, producer, installer and art dealer. One of her most recently produced exhibits is a virtual Pop Up Museum of the Onward organization, an organization that aims to dismantle systems of oppression. Much of her past work has focused on emerging artists and cultivating those talents. At her core, she believes in the platform of artistic expression and the way in which art continues to start relevant and meaningful conversations.



The STOOP Storytelling Series: UNMASKED
Wednesday, March 9 • 5pm
presented by STOOP Storytelling + Women in Business

Women in Business in partnership with The Stoop Storytelling Series presents “Unmasked.” Six storytellers will share their captivating stories about their truths, experiences, and inequities revealed and uncovered by the extraordinary events of 2020. Join us for a special afternoon to connect with real stories and get immersed in the art of storytelling.

The event will conclude with an After-Show Lounge starting at 6:20pm. An opportunity to meet the storytellers, ask them questions, and share how their stories impacted you.



Racial Justice Concert Series
Thursday, March 11 • 12-1pm
presented by Johns Hopkins + Baltimore Ceasefire

Join us on Thursday, March 11 from 12-1pm ET for our first concert with Baltimore Boom Bap Society in support of the Baltimore Ceasefire movement.

Hip hop collective Baltimore Boom Bap Society will present an original performance to address root causes of gun violence in our community and bring healing to people and places affected by loss of life in Baltimore.

DJ/producers Wendel Patrick and DJ Dubble8 will host guest vocalist and emcee J Pope and bassist Jeron White to create a series of live, improvised compositions.

Baltimore Ceasefire representatives will also share more about their critical work in the local movement for racial justice and how you can get involved.

We invite you to enjoy this free performance and learn more about the fight for racial justice in the Baltimore community.

How to watch:

To get your ticket, click the orange “Select a Date” button and choose the March 11 option. This ticket will grant you access to the Youtube Livestream on the day of the performance.

Our performers will be hosted by Creative Alliance in a COVID-safe environment.



Mark Dion |  Virtual Artist Talk
Thursday, March 11 • 7pm
presented by Goucher College’s Studio Art Program and Galleries

Goucher College’s Studio Art Program and Galleries are pleased to present via zoom, a public, virtual artist lecture by Mark Dion.

Mark is an American conceptual artist best known for his use of scientific presentations in his installations. His work examines how prevalent ideologies and institutions influence our understanding of history, knowledge, and the natural world.

Mark will be joining Goucher as the Spring 2021 Nancy G. Unobskey visiting artist in Modern and Contemporary Art, working with students in virtual classes and workshops. In his public talk, he will be speaking on his work and career, providing an overview and evolution of his practice. Falling broadly into the categories of Fieldwork, Excavation and Cultivation, Mark’s unique artistic approach has generated a number of public and institutional collaborations, permanent installations and ephemeral arrangements.

Registration for the talk is required, but the talk is free and open to the public. Please register here


Integumentum by Kristin Beeler | Conversational Murmuration
Friday, March 12 • 1pm
presented by Baltimore Jewelry Center

Join us Friday, March 12 at 1pm EST via Zoom for a conversational murmuration around Integumentum, Kristin Beeler’s most recent solo exhibition, currently on view in the Baltimore Jewelry Center gallery now through April 3. This free event is being held in conjunction with Munich Jewellery Week. Register for the event and receive the Zoom link here.

In this intimate conversation, Beeler will be joined by several guests: author Wendy Steiner, artists Iris Eichenberg, Helen Carnac, and Katja Prins (plus cameo appearances by other thinkers and makers in the field). Together, they will explore the thought process behind the work, but also the thoughts generated by the work to create a kind of guided conversational murmuration. Framing the discussion as clouds of ideas mingling together, each person brings their associations to the whole moving pattern of a larger shape, like birds of a feather…

Integumentum features multi-media portraiture drawn from the repair marks of traumatic scarring.
Kristin states “We live in a time when memory is one of our most precious natural resources and when openness to the suffering of others is the one of the most important conversations we can have. “New” occurs at an unprecedented rate as we search for ways to contextualise current events. Knowing how to map memory is a powerful tool for personal and cultural wayfinding. Investment in a more profound understanding of compassion may be a necessary safety net for our deeply polarized world.”
Want to learn more about Kristin’s work prior to the event? Her artist lecture, presented during Ornamenta, will be available to watch for a limited time online prior to this event. Email us at info@baltimorejewelrycenter.orgfor the link to the recording.



CPM in Conversation with Pooneh Maghazehe and Laurence Ross
Friday, March 12 • 6:30pm
presented by Critical Path Method

Laurence Ross will join Pooneh Maghazehe and Vlad Smolkin in a discussion about the current CPM Exhibition: “Figure Study – Drypoint Prints by Louise Bourgeois & Pooneh Maghazehe”.



Michelle Uckotter: Murder Time + Counsel: Maren Karlson and Kira Scerbin | Opening Day
Saturday March 13 • 2-66pm
@ Springsteen

Springsteen is pleased to announce the opening of two concurrent exhibitions, Murder Time, a solo exhibition featuring Michelle Uckotter and Counsel, featuring Maren Karlson and Kira Scerbin.

Regular hours
Thursday: by appointment
Friday: 12 – 5pm
Saturday 12 – 5pm
Masks and social distancing required

Michelle Uckotter (b. 1992, Cincinnati, Ohio) lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland. Her recent exhibitions include a group show at Deli Gallery (New York) “Center of the Core” and a solo show “Trap Paintings”, at A.D. (New York). Other exhibitions include “Psycho” at East Hampton Shed (New York), “There’s No Art in Heaven” at Mejia Gallery (Melbourne), “Cornswoggle” at Mole.end, (New York), and “Sinkhole Project, Bar Art” at Interstate Projects (Brooklyn).

Maren Karlson is an artist working in drawing and painting. She lives in Berlin, Germany. She has shown her work at in lieu (Los Angeles), Intersticio (Madrid), Real Pain Fine Arts (Los Angeles), Interstate Projects (Brooklyn), Futura (Prague), 427 Gallery (Riga), Mélange Gallery (Cologne), American Medium (Brooklyn) and Jessica Silverman Gallery (San Francisco) among others.

Kira Scerbin (b. 1991, Cleveland, OH) received a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014. She lives and works in Chicago. Exhibitions include Radiator at Catbox Contemporary (Ridgewood, NY), Pot of Snot at Prairie (Chicago), and When They Pet Brain at King’s Leap (Brooklyn), Bar Art at Interstate Projects curated by Sinkhole Project (Brooklyn), and Give Plaza at in lieu (Los Angeles) among others.



Upon Further Consideration | Opening Reception
Saturday, March 13 • 4-7pm
@ Inadequate Lighting

On view March 12th through April 8th Reception March 13th, 4 to 7 pm ​by RSVP Inadequate Lighting, 915 Saint Paul St, 1F

What does it mean to run out of ideas? And what are we even trying to say? ​Upon Further Consideration ​presents two disparate approaches to contemporary painting in the work of Ang Bidak and Spencer Compton. Bidak’s colorful, figurative and slightly theatrical paintings stage the ​’human frame’ as a compositional support, the human figure as building material, and focus on moments of labor in hope of ​portraying the resilient struggle of a powerful working class. Compton’s more austere, text-based paintings speak in one-liners to unwrap the ideological underpinnings of everyday dialogue, media and politics.

Spencer Compton is an artist, musician and writer currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. His work under each title focuses on how ideology and power are embedded in language. Compton completed his undergraduate work at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009, and gained a Masters in philosophy at the European Graduate School in 2017.

Ang Bidak is a painter currently based in Buffalo, New York. Her work focuses on the laboring body, the psychologies of class, and the theatricality of family dynamics. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013​ ​and is currently a painting candidate at Bard MFA.

We are asking that all visitors wear a mask and make an appointment on our website,​.

On view March 12th through April 8th Reception March 13th, 4 to 7 pm ​by RSVP Inadequate Lighting, 915 Saint Paul St, 1F

What does it mean to run out of ideas? And what are we even trying to say? ​Upon Further Consideration ​presents two disparate approaches to contemporary painting in the work of Ang Bidak and Spencer Compton. Bidak’s colorful, figurative and slightly theatrical paintings stage the ​’human frame’ as a compositional support, the human figure as building material, and focus on moments of labor in hope of ​portraying the resilient struggle of a powerful working class. Compton’s more austere, text-based paintings speak in one-liners to unwrap the ideological underpinnings of everyday dialogue, media and politics.

Spencer Compton is an artist, musician and writer currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. His work under each title focuses on how ideology and power are embedded in language. Compton completed his undergraduate work at the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009, and gained a Masters in philosophy at the European Graduate School in 2017.

Ang Bidak is a painter currently based in Buffalo, New York. Her work focuses on the laboring body, the psychologies of class, and the theatricality of family dynamics. She graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013​ ​and is currently a painting candidate at Bard MFA.

We are asking that all visitors wear a mask and make an appointment on our website,​.



Pouring Light | Exhibition Closes ** Extended to March 28 **
Sunday, March 28
@ Carroll Mansion

RSVP to Attend Exhibition

(Limited to 12 guests at a time)
In Pouring Light, Baltimore artists Julia Glatfelter and Jaz Erenberg honor the impact of Baltimore Ceasefire volunteers and how these courageous individuals have “poured light” and positivity into the city. Our perspective impacts how we speak, act and live in our city. Your viewpoint of “The Greatest City in America” greatly impacts your experience of it. In this exhibition, images are repeated. The same people and places are portrayed multiple times to contrast against each other and show the array of choices we have. We have a choice by which we view our home, this Charm City. We choose how we view one another. Artists Julia Glatfelter and Jaz Erenberg believe our perspective can actually change our reality, and that Baltimore Ceasefire is a powerful force for creating real peace in our city.

*20% of proceeds from artwork sales from “Pouring Light” will be donated to The Baltimore Ceasefire Movement. To purchase prints and original works, visit the artists’ websites at: and



Calls for Entry // Opportunities


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Associate Placemaker | Employment Opportunity
sponsored by Graham Projects

Graham Projects is seeking a part-time Associate Placemaker to support our public art and urban design-build practice. The ideal candidate is a dynamic communicator, highly organized, creative, tech-savvy, responsive, and brings a joyful sense of design thinking to improving places with people.

Monthly retainer for 20-40 hours at $25/hr on a contractual basis.

Potential to increase hours and evolve position as the company continues to expand.

Semi-Remote position. Reports to Public Artist & Principal Graham Coreil-Allen.

About Graham Projects:

Graham Projects makes cities more inclusive and livable through public art, placemaking, and civic engagement. Building on his background in public art, urban design, and advocacy, Graham Coreil-Allen and his team produce participatory projects and lead social initiatives in the service of pedestrians and places.



Venice International Art Fair | Call for Entry
deadline March 11
sponsored by ITSLIQUID

Venice International Art Fair, organized by ITSLIQUID Group in collaboration with Venice Events and ACIT Venice – Italian-German Cultural Association, will be held in Venice, at THE ROOM Contemporary Art Space, at Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello and in other prestigious venues and historical buildings, from March 29 to April 18, 2021.

Venice International Art Fair is a contemporary art fair that presents collective and solo projects by leading and emerging international artists. The 13th edition will represent a forum for direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers and art professionals. The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, installations, video art and live performance.

Venice International Art Fair provides artists and exhibitors with the unique opportunity to present their works to an international audience of professionals as curators, gallerists, collectors, editors and publishers who seek to acquire, publish and encourage the best contemporary art talents.

We invite artists, architects and designers to be inspired by the magical power of Venetian costumes, exploring the connection between desires, needs, fears through rituals that brings human kind to change, to transform and to evolve their inner world.

Deadline for applications is March 11, 2021 (11.59 PM of your local time)

Click here to take part in the selection.



Translucent Souls | Call for Entry
deadline March 28
sponsored by Art Mums United

Art Mums United, a global platform celebrating womxn creatives is excited to announce a call for art for an international online exhibit “TRANSLUCENT SOULS” curated by Ekaterina Popova!


“Translucent Souls” are about visual artists telling their stories. We use words, but often the most important things remain unspoken. They are transferred onto a canvas, paper, photograph. They are taking shape in a sculpture or installation.

But can you really see the soul of an artist? Stay silent, watch closely and enter our world.

This online exhibit is a celebration of our abilities to express all while saying nothing.

About the guest curator:

Ekaterina Popova is an artist, writer, coach, the founder of Create! Magazine. Kat loves discovering and supporting new artists, sharing her artworld experiences, and chatting with like-minded creatives on the podcast The Create! Podcast.

Ekaterina Popova was born in Vladimir, Russia. After moving to the United States, she fell in love with painting and received a BFA from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited nationally, including The Painting Center in New York, The Trenton City Museum, Delaware Contemporary, The Boxheart Gallery, A.I.R. Gallery, and more.

Popova has been featured in multiple blogs and publications, including Aesthetica, The Jealous Curator, DPI Magazine, Friend of The Artist, Iceview, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ekaterina attended several residencies, including at Centre Pompadour in Abbeville, France, NES Residency in Iceland, the Skopelos Foundation for the Arts in Greece.

Ekaterina Popova works out of her studio in Philadelphia, PA, and is represented by DECORAZON Gallery.

*All selected artists will be featured on the blog of Create! Magazine.



Emergency Grant Program
deadline April 1
sponsored by Maryland State Arts Council

With the passage of the RELIEF Act of 2021 by the Maryland General Assembly, MSAC will distribute $5 million through its Emergency Grant Program. Created in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 State of Emergency, Emergency Grants provide funding to arts organizations and artists for losses sustained because of programming, operations, and events that have been modified or cancelled.

This fourth round of MSAC Emergency Grant funding is available to independent artists, arts organizations, County Arts Agencies, and Arts & Entertainment District management entities. Per the legislation, MSAC will prioritize grants to organizations that have not received prior funding from MSAC or do not qualify for funding under other MSAC programs.

All applicants must complete an application through SmartSimple to request funding. Applications open March 5, 2021 and must be submitted by 5 p.m. on April 1, 2021 to be considered for funding. Click here to access the application.

An informational webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 10th, at 2 p.m. to provide an overview of the grant, its process, and how to apply. Click here to register.



CONTRASTS | Call for Exhibition
deadline April 7th
sponsored by LoosenArt

Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video
Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city. July 2021

Every line, point, sign or trace is characterized by one or more tonal / plastic variations that define its shape and confirm its existence.

The opposition, the contrast, as well as the positive and negative extremes, the informatic zero and one, etc., can generate a code through which the reading of meanings and grasping of information from the visible and no-visible world are possible. Contrast envisioned as an organic whole, but also as the result of an action that limits an expansion and affirms unity, as a single or as an individual.

The “Contrasts” theme is expressed from a formal-aesthetic and physical point of view, as well as by the biological, human, political, social and psychological perspective.



The Latin American Contemporary Fine Art Competition | Call for Entry
deadline April 13
sponsored by New York Art Competitions

The Competition is an ideal way to exhibit your talent to a wider international audience. With a distinguished panel of jurors and more than $70,000 in valuable prizes, it is open to visual artists from around the world at any stage of their careers. Painting, sculpture, photography, drawing, mixed media, and print are the accepted mediums.

Painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital, printing, and mixed media are eligible. Please note that all submitted artwork must be available for sale.
Video art, film, performance art, jewelry, and crafts are not eligible.

Please note:
• Two-dimensional artwork dimensions cannot be larger than 75 x 85 inches (192 x 218 centimeters)
• Three-dimensional artwork (i.e., sculptures) cannot be larger than 72 x 72 x 24 inches (184 x 184 x 61 centimeters)

The competition is open for Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal, the Latin American diaspora, and foreign artists living and working in any of the above regions/countries. All Latin American artists above the age of 18 are eligible to participate. Click here to view the complete competition terms.



header image: Mark Dion, Cabinet of Marine Debris, 2014

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