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This Week:  Ballet After Dark performs at Creative Alliance, Rob Lee moderates a screening of “Do the Right Thing” at Enoch Pratt, opening receptions for Howie Lee Weiss + Trace Miller at Goya Contemporary, screening of The Unveiling of God / a love letter to my forefathers at the BMA, Jim Henson exhibition opens at Maryland Center for History and Culture, Angela Caldwell opening reception + trunk show at Baltimore Jewelry Center, Smoke Bellow at Current Space, Jackie Milad workshop at BMA Lexington Market, and Laure Drogoul exhibition + performance with Liz Downing at West Gallery — PLUS last chance to apply for Maryland’s Public Artist Roster and more featured opportunities!


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Nothing Like Melon Balls And A Nice Float To Start Off The Summer GIF | Gfycat

Listen and Learn W/ Ballet After Dark!
Wednesday, May 24 :: 6pm
@ Creative Alliance

Ballet After Dark hosts a listen and learn info session at Creative Alliance to share the incredible work B.A.D. does!

Join Founding Director Tyde-Courtney Edwards to watch two short films that showcase the work of Ballet After Dark. Learn about healing through dance after trauma, explores the resources available, ask questions, and hear about upcoming programs and classes!

Ballet After Dark is an organization that provides somatic interventions, trauma-informed care, dance therapy and holistic methods  to encourage black survivors (youth and women) of various levels of trauma and sexual violence to heal their bodies using movement. We define somatic intervention as  reconnecting and regaining control of our mind and body through movement, various  trauma-informed practices, classes and resources focused on providing holistic healing resources with positive impacts and outcomes. Our goal is to create a community of survivors.

This will be presented in English and Spanish. Food will be provided!
** Films contain sensitive content and references to violence


¡Ballet Después de la Oscuridad presenta una sesión informativa en Creative Alliance para escuchar y aprender sobre el increíble trabajo que hacen!

Únete a la directora fundadora Tyde-Courtney Edwards para ver dos cortometrajes que muestran el trabajo de Ballet Después de la Oscuridad. ¡Aprende sobre la curación a través del baile después de un trauma, explore los recursos disponibles, haga preguntas y escuche sobre los próximos programas y clases!

Ballet Después de la Oscuridad es una organización que brinda intervenciones somáticas, atención informada sobre traumas, terapia de baile y métodos holísticos para alentar a los sobrevivientes negros (jóvenes y mujeres) de diversos niveles de trauma y violencia sexual a sanar sus cuerpos mediante el movimiento. Definimos la intervención somática como reconectar y recuperar el control de nuestra mente y cuerpo a través del movimiento, diversas prácticas, clases y recursos informados sobre el trauma enfocados en proporcionar recursos de curación holísticos con impactos y resultados positivos. Nuestro objetivo es crear una comunidad de sobrevivientes.

Se presentará en inglés y español.
** Los cortometrajes contienen contenido sensible y referencias a la violencia.



“Do the Right Thing” w/Rob Lee & The Truth in This Art
Thursday, May 25 :: 5:30pm
@ Enoch Pratt Free Library Central Branch

You’re invited to a free movie screening of Spike Lee’s acclaimed film “Do The Right Thing” at Pratt Central Library on May 25th at 5:30 PM. This is the 3 installment of the monthly Black Cinema Series at Pratt.

After the screening, we’ll have a captivating conversation with Rob Lee and film critic Dom Griffin from Baltimore Beat, discussing the film’s impact and intriguing trivia.

Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into important social issues and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Event Details:
Movie: “Do The Right Thing”
Date: May 25th
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Pratt Central Library, 400 Cathedral St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Please join us for an evening of cinematic brilliance and thought-provoking conversation. We look forward to seeing you there!

This screening with brought to you by the generous support of the Gutierrez Memorial Fund.



En Masse – Ensembles, Sets, and Variations: The Art of Howie Lee Weiss | Opening Reception
Thursday, May 25 :: 6-8pm | Ongoing through July 29
@ Goya Contemporary

On View: May 13 – July 29, 2023
Reception: May 25, 2023, from 6:00 to 8:00pm

One may look at the exhibition record of Howie Lee Weiss (b. 1953, PA) and consider him a late arriver, however Weiss is neither late, nor is he just now arriving. Rather, since 1979 Weiss has spent much of his time over the last 40 years influencing thousands of emerging practices as a beloved, full-time faculty member at the Maryland Institute College of Art. The rest of his time has always been spent in the studio, meticulously crafting his painterly, vine charcoal-based works that center around rigorously invented, stylized imageries of people, places, and things. THEY ARE WELL WORTH THE WAIT.

Placing his student’s visibility above his own is admirable, but all along Weiss has been expanding the field of charcoal representation as a singular medium, influencing the up-and-coming artists who looked to his work for stimulation. The exhibit, En Masse – Ensembles, Sets, and Variations: The Art of Howie Lee Weiss, will feature a selection of new works that could seem like a bit of a departure from the artist’s more recognizable, larger narrative Wonder and Centerpiece series. The later often pairs plants or fruit with birds and figures seen investigating or searching invented landscapes and histories in distinctive ways. In contrast, this new series of works explores portraits, removed from the exactness of our humanity, and replaced by amalgam hybrid models that celebrate the diversity among us within each singular image. In a second series Weiss explores the variant potential when considering specific landscape, rhythmically creating patterns from one image to the next in the way we accumulate the notes of a song —each note beautiful and seductive on its own, but more meaningful as they combine to create a larger ensemble.

In fact, the gridded installation of both series accumulates to form an almost symphony-like experience, a chorus of voices and a choir of trees that vibrate in the space, punctuated by the small bits of singular “notes”—the individual framed works that allow one to inspect and scrutinize in a different way than their congregated colleagues. The decision to leave the large ensembles unframed allows the public a rare opportunity to investigate the works up-close, uninterrupted by any physical barriers of framing, the way the artist engages with the works in his studio. One can see the subtle variations and gradients achieved through Weiss’s painstaking, labor-intensive process. Here, a visual beat is formed, and then its variations repeat throughout the show, setting patterns in time and space that change in timbre and pitch, but are unmistakably the indispensable rhythmic element always present in the work of Howie Lee Weiss.

It should be said that Weiss’s affiliation with materials, specifically with Vine Charcoal, is a major part of the success of his work. His atmospheric surfaces are acquired through an intensive effort highlighting the subtle, almost fugitive nature of vine [rather than compressed] charcoal. Whereas vine charcoal is often relegated to underdrawings, Weiss builds upon the surface over time, with increasing force and pressure until the surface achieves an almost velvet-like appearance. Each work reveals a glow that could only be accomplished from the history of its own material application. Somehow in Weiss’s hands, the humble, transitory quality of vine
charcoal is hardened into a precise image that asserts elegant simplicity irrespective of its extreme complexity.

Howie Lee Weiss earned his MFA from Yale University and his BFA from MICA. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally in New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Italy and Japan. A longstanding professor at Maryland Institute College of Art, Weiss also served as faculty in MICA’s Summer Abroad Program in Italy. Additionally, he has served as visiting professor at Princeton University and was faculty at Chautauqua Institute. Weiss lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.



Trace Miller: Pulp Fiction | Opening Reception
Thursday, May 25 :: 6-8pm | Ongoing through July 29
@ Goya Contemporary

On View: May 13 – July 29, 2023
Reception: May 25, 2023, from 6:00 to 8:00pm

Landscape painting takes some imaginative turns in the deft hands of American Painter Trace Miller (B.1955, Johnstown, PA). Known for his union of abstracted realism, lush manipulation of materials, and interrogation of surfaces, Miller doesn’t “paint” the landscape per say, but rather interprets the gestural and linear quality of the landscape as energy, which triggers an exploration of materials.

As subject within artistic practice, landscape certainly has a long history spanning centuries of interpretation — not only in observation of landscape, but in examination of the cultural, transcendent, and temporal characteristics of landscape’s evolution in the context of humanity. As we come to understand more about trees and their human-like characteristics– such as their capacity to build families, nurture children, communicate, share resources, and offer warnings of apparent danger to their tree kin– our capacity and desire to study the landscape and examine its many abstract facets have developed with intensity, awe, curiosity, and in some cases, a penetrating focus on beauty.

“Life is adaptation to the environment. [It is] energy driven; confined by nature” says Trace Miller. “Art is an interpretation or reaction to that ever evolving dynamic; and the best representation visually is where that intersection occurs- whether within or without of a particular object of our environment. For me, trees have long held such a fascination.”

Painting on pulp paper–a construct aligned with the corporal makeup of trees– connects and engages with the subject in a complex, meaningful way. In addition to painting on canvas, Miller does this: he paints on paper, sometimes deconstructing his painted compositions by cutting and/or tearing its parts into tiny tile-like strips, only to reconfigure them into a new form, but still with the subject of landscape. Is this landscape deconstructed and reconstructed? Is this landscape broken down into metaphorical cells that reform in Millers hands? Is this fiction, based on a subset of ostensible realities? Hence Miller’s selection of the exhibition’s title, Pulp Fiction. “Most of the pieces were made during the pandemic as part of what I call The Paper Forest Series (19 in all), which further led to the show’s title. Whether on canvas or paper…” confirmed the artist “…fiction becomes a loaded word.”

Painting has always played a major role in human expression, often evolving subject to an intricate interplay of depictive conventions, abstract communications, and historization. In fact, painting itself could be said to be a form of adaptation that captures unique compositional characteristics as it concurrently delves deep into the human condition.

Trace Miller received his BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, and his MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Hoffberger School of Painting in Baltimore. Recently retired, he was formerly a Lecturer and Assistant Chair in the Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education at Towson University. His works have been exhibited extensively in the Mid-Atlantic region, New York, and Chicago.

Miller’s work has been featured in publications such as New American Paintings, The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Magazine, and The Baltimore Review. In 2013, 2014, and 2023 Miller was selected as a semifinalist for the Bethesda Painting Awards, and as a finalist in 2023. He has received two Individual Artist Grants from the Mayor’s Committee on Art and Culture in Baltimore, and has appeared as guest speaker and visiting artist at numerous venues such as the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art, Albright College, Shepardstown College, and the Baltimore School for the Arts. Miller’s work is represented in a number private and public collections including the Baltimore Museum of Art.



Screening: The Unveiling of God / a love letter to my forefathers
Thursday, May 25 :: 6:30-8pm
@ The Baltimore Museum of Art

Join us for an evening of film, performance, and conversation prompted by the film The Unveiling of God / a love letter to my forefathers, on view now in The Culture: Hip Hop and Contemporary Art in the 21st Century.

The Unveiling of God is an operatic visual poem that celebrates the Black men in the artists’ lives. In counter to narrow and destructive ideas of masculinity that are present—though not unchallenged—in hip hop. Hear from the film’s creators: poet and educator Nia June, cinematographer Kirby Griffin, and poet and music producer APoetNamedNate, in conversation with womanist and cultural worker Sharayna Christmas.

The film will be accompanied by a live musical overlay by trumpeter Brandon Woody and pianist Troy Long.



The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited | Exhibition Opens
Friday, May 26 | Ongoing through December 30
@ Maryland Center for History and Culture

Few people of the 20th century have had such enduring, wide-reaching, and inter-generational appeal as Jim Henson (1936-1990). His innovations in storytelling revolutionized childrens’ education, and his work from “Fraggle Rock” to “Dark Crystal” had a profound impact on generations of people. And it all started in Maryland.



Women, I Know | Opening Reception + Trunk Show with the Artist
Friday, May 26 :: 5-8pm | Ongoing through July 7
@ Baltimore Jewelry Center

The Baltimore Jewelry Center will host Women, I Know an exhibition of works by Angela Caldwell that juxtaposes heirloom textiles and contemporary metalwork. Women, I Know will be on view in the BJC’s gallery in Baltimore’s Station North Arts & Entertainment District (10 E. North Ave.) from May 26 – July 7, 2023 with an opening reception and a pop-up trunk show with the artist on Friday, May 26th from 5 to 8pm. This event is free and open to the public.

The body of work in Women, I Know calls attention to crafts that have been deemed feminine, like quilting and needlepoint, to highlight the ways in which women have utilized these traditions to build collective strength and prompt action in response to social issues. Caldwell transforms heirloom textiles like aprons and quilts into wearable and armor-like compositions, creating works that embody the fierce spirit of women. By specifically deconstructing and reinterpreting the quilt, Caldwell commemorates the women of her past, carrying their emotions and support with her as she faces each day. Blending her experiences with those she imagines for her foremothers, she reveals the previous makers’ central roles in shaping her own female identity. Through incorporation of her own contemporary jewelry-making practices and materials, like powder coating and metallic thread, Caldwell positions her modern voice in conversation with this rich history of makers.

“The Baltimore Jewelry Center features one of the few art jewelry galleries in the Mid-Atlantic. Our exhibition program exposes the larger public to contemporary and traditional metal arts, and acts as a platform to promote and sell the work of local artists and national artists in the metalsmithing field,” said Shane Prada, Director. “We’re excited to be able to showcase Angela’s work which is not only highlighting contemporary jewelry making, but also contemporary and historical textiles. Creating a unique dialogue between these two crafting traditions. ”



Smoke Bellow, En Attendant Ana, Herald
Friday, May 26 :: 6pm
@ Current Space

Smoke Bellow, En Attendant Ana, and Herald outside at Current Space!

Smoke Bellow

En Attendant Ana (Paris, FR)


Tickets: $14 adv/$16 day-of
Doors at 6, show at 7
Outdoors at Current Space – Enter through the back at 421 Tyson Street
Accessibility and Parking Info:
Events at Current Space are rain or shine. Tickets are non-refundable.



Franconia Notch 01 – 12, 2022-23
Saturday, May 26 :: 12-6pm
@ Critical Path Method



Histories Collide: A Tasting & Making Workshop
Saturday, May 27 :: 1-4pm
@ BMA Lexington Market

Join us at BMA Lexington Market as we create jewelry inspired by the artwork of Jackie Milad and enjoy a tasting with Plum Good Spice and Tea Salon.

Following an open call, a jury selected Jackie Milad of Baltimore as one of two artists to create a new work in dialogue with Fred Wilson’s sculpture Artemis/Bast (1992) that engaged with the question: “What images and thoughts emerge when myths and histories collide?”

Milad drew from the influence of her Honduran and Egyptian background to create colorful pieces that merge cultural symbolism through a collage of mediums. Her installation is on view now through March 17, 2024 at the BMA in Histories Collide: Jackie Milad x Fred Wilson x Nekisha Durrett



LUXURY GOODS | Performance
Saturday, May 27 + Sunday, May 28 :: 7:30pm |
@ West Gallery

An exhibition of recent work by Laure Drogoul

West Gallery, 1407 W Madison Ave. Baltimore
April 1- May 28, 2023

Featuring: works on paper, ceramics, installation and performance.

Gallery hours: 6:30-8:30pm Saturday, May 27 and closing
reception on May 28, 2023.

Performance both evenings at 7:30pm with Liz Downing!



< Calls for Entry >



ORIGIN | Call for Entry
deadline May 26
posted by Baltimore Clayworks

Notifications of Acceptance: by Friday, June 23
Exhibition Opening: Saturday, September 9, 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: September 9 – November 4, 2023

Juror: Kensuke Yamada
“ORIGIN” is an exhibit that explores the concept of home and how it is defined, personally and culturally, by looking at different personal narratives, family histories, and cultural practices. It is the process of learning more about oneself and discovering the “true” self. It involves understanding what makes a person unique. Also, it requires people to be open to new experiences and willing to take risks to better understand who we are and what we want out of life. It can also involve reflecting on one’s past, understanding one’s values, and exploring one’s passions.



Apply to Maryland’s New Public Artist Roster!
deadline May 31
posted by Maryland State Arts Council

Artist applications to the new Maryland Public Artist Roster are due Wednesday, May 31, 2023. The online application is on Submittable, with links below.

The new Public Artist Roster will offer an inclusive and equitable process for selecting artists and the commissioning of new, original, and site-responsive public art. The Roster is open to independent visual artists or artist teams living in the United States or its territories.

The application requires submission of:

  • Background artwork images
  • A narrative biography
  • A narrative statement about your artwork or practice

The Roster will be the primary method of artist selection for the majority of Artwork Commission projects through 2025. Each artwork commission comes with a budget that may range between $50,000 and $1,500,000. Artists from the Roster that receive a commission may work with MSAC and the project building team to create artwork that is:

  • Site-responsive: All of our projects are site-responsive. Artists would work with the project public art committee to design, fabricate, and install a permanent artwork specific to the site and community.
  • Architecturally-integrated: Artists will work closely with the building’s design team to combine artwork with the architecture or landscape to create a permanent, site-responsive artwork.
  • Community-engaged: Commissioned artists find ways to engage with the local community and build connections with users as part of your process. This shapes the design of a permanent, site-responsive artwork.

A group of independent review panelists will evaluate the applications received.

Click here for the Public Artist Roster guidelines.

A recorded information session about the Public Artist Roster, including how-to-apply details, can provide additional assistance.




The Evolution Grant 2023
deadline June 2
posted by Art Fluent

Art Fluent’s grant cycle is now open to individual artists through an international open call. The Evolution Grant will provide unrestricted funding to an individual artist with recognized artistic excellence in fine art media and a demonstrated commitment to their art. There is a $1,000 to one visual artist each grant cycle. Unrestricted funds are applied toward any expense to enhance the artist’s ability to create work. Open to ALL fine art mediums -now including film/video (oil, acrylic, watermedia, pastel, drawing, printmaking, mixed media, photography, sculpture, fiber, wood, digital art, film/video). There is no restriction on style, genre, or subject matter. There is a $35 application fee.



11th Handmade & Recycled Theater Festival
deadline June 4
posted by Fabrica Athens Multiactive Art Group

The main theme of the Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival or HRTFest, as it is now called, is the idea of ​​handmade and recyclable. Reflecting the identity and the ways the team that created it, Fabrica Athens, HRTFest is the fulfilling of a vision. An artistic vision – and not only – where artists work as a team, and take on many different parts to create their own opportunities with the materials and tools they already have. The call is open to artists, tutors and researchers of any artistic field. Any genre of Theater, Performance, Dance, Circus, Music, Workshops, Cinema, Visual arts, Lectures, debates, banquets, book presentations etc are welcome.



Call for Submissions, Portfolios
deadline June 4
posted by SE Center for Photography

For the SE Center’s first Portfolio Call the jurors are looking for innovative bodies of work with themes or topics carried throughout. The portfolio should be a fully resolved, consistent body of work with each of the images being individually strong. The technical and presentation choices should be appropriate for the work and should take an innovative or unique approach to the subject matter.

A respected curator, Dennis Kiel comes to Lamar University from Charlotte, N.C., where he served as interim executive director and chief curator at The Light Factory Contemporary Museum of Photography and Film. Before joining The Light Factory, Kiel was the associate curator of prints, drawings and photographs at the Cincinnati Art Museum for 24 years.

Michael Pannier is the Executive Director of the SE Center for Photography, an award winning professional fine art and commercial photographer now located in Greenville, SC. Previously based in Maryland, Michael has spent 30 years in photography, 20 years in the gallery and art world.

10 Portfolios will be Selected to will hang (a minimum of 6 images each with the opportunity to present additional unframed pieces) in the SE Center’s main gallery space for approximately one month and one artist will be invited for a solo show at the SE Center during August/September 2024.



Gallery Request for Proposals 2024
deadline June 5
posted by The Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture

The Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture requests exhibition proposals from artists for the Popcorn Gallery, Stone Tower Gallery, and Park View Gallery at Glen Echo Park for the calendar year 2024. The mission of the Glen Echo Park Partnership Galleries is to showcase the work of diverse artists, including resident artists at Glen Echo Park and artists from the greater Washington, D.C. area. We aim to exhibit quality art by artists who represent a broad spectrum of our region, with diverse backgrounds, and working in a wide range of artistic media. Our exhibitions attract visitors from across the region and bring new audiences to Glen Echo Park.



Worthless Studios Artist in Residence
deadline June 7

WORTHLESSSTUDIOS is excited to launch our inaugural Artist in Residence program running from September to December 2023. The residency will be production focused, supporting underserved sculptors and installation artists at pivotal moments in their careers. Over the past three years, WORTHLESSSTUDIOS has provided mission-driven opportunities for artists through their open calls for FREE FILM : NYC, the Plywood Protection Project, and 1-800 Happy Birthday.

This residency will expand on our comprehensive approach to helping artists realize their creative visions while ensuring they have resources to advance their skills and careers. This program will provide support for artists working in sculpture and installation to advance their fabrication and production processes while making a specific artwork. The first cohort will be welcomed to WORTHLESSSTUDIOS’ new 10,000 square-foot facility at 7 Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn. Our residency aspires to include Black, Indigenous, people of color, LGBTQIAP+, women, nonbinary, and disabled artists, to fulfill the urgent need for fabrication tools, financial support, technical assistance, and space that so many underrepresented artists seek.



header image: En Masse - Ensembles, Sets, and Variations: The Art of Howie Lee Weiss at Goya Contemporary

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