The Internet is Exploding

The Internet is Exploding

Let LeVar Burton host Jeopardy, the end of Kimye, the return of Gawker, grieving with A.I., and more

The internet was all over the place this week.

Gloria Richardson, Ishmael Reed, A People's History of Black Twitter, Leon Bridges, INDUSTRY BABY, and more

The Internet was juicy this week.

Robbery of Native American graves, the Sioux Chef, parasocial relationships, an ode to browsing, new Normani, and more

The internet felt a bit disparate this week.

Lil Nas X, Britney Spears, Haunani-Kay Trask, Zalia Avant-garde, internet rot, and more

The internet was kinda sad and overwhelming this week.

How Twitter can ruin a life, Lauren Berlant, Tabitha Brown, Bill Cosby, Sha'Carri Richardson, Zola, and more

There was a lot going on this week.

Doja Cat, the internet is Black, the Black TikTok strike, Britney Spears, federal Indian boarding schools, and more

I feel like the internet was all over the place this week but I also really enjoyed it.

Juneteenth, Taylor Renee Aldridge on David Driskell, "History as End," Area 405, and more

The internet was weird this week, I wasn’t that into it.

Thot Shit, Lorde, YouTuber drama, Pose, Finding Stonewall, Kelis, and more

The internet was kinda MESSY this week.

Residential schools, misogynoir, Venus Williams' mic drop, the International Swimming League, coping mechanisms

I enjoyed the internet this week.

Hustling Black death, 100 years since the Tulsa Massacre, critical race theory, Simone Biles, and TikTok mansions

The internet was interesting but tough this week.

Israel/Palestine ceasefire, abortion rights in the Supreme Court, Shrek, twinship, petfluencers, and more

I rather enjoyed the internet this week.

Palestine, Colombia, intersectional empires, Nicki Minaj, new CDC guidelines

The internet was a lot but also very good this week.

What's going on in India, Colombia, and Palestine; Black on the Prairies, salmonberries, Deana Lawson, and more

This was not one of my favorite weeks on the internet.

Our horrible reality, anti-trans legislation, why national parks should be returned to Native peoples, Them, and more

The internet was good but difficult this week.

DMX, Prince Philip, TikTok and digital blackface, the MonsterVerse and more

The internet was sad, but also hella funny this week.

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