The Internet is Exploding

The Internet is Exploding

Sometimes things happen on the internet, but life is too much.

Highlights: Coco Gauff, the VMAs, Erykah Badu, Diahann Caroll, Mitski, Lake Lainer, celebrity auctions, Hasan Minhaj, the Roman Empire, and UAW is on strike. 

Highlights: Summer of Black women, Black press v. Black media, rotting Rotten Tomatoes, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Danny Masterson, Jimmy Fallon, orange yolks, Oliva Rodrigo and Taylor Swift, Burning Mud, and talking with sperm whales. 

I learned a few things on the internet this week.

Highlights: Death on K2, leisure, RENAISSANCE, hip-hop, Coco Gauff, PinkyDoll, racial capitalism, Queen and J. visit Stitch Please, abortion trafficking, and gun violence.

The internet made me kinda mad this week.

Highlights: Embodying heat, ‘Jaguar II’, remembering Aaliyah, Rhiannon Giddens, reproductive justice in Mississippi, the world is going blind, Gwyneth Paltrow’s guesthouse, the Blind Side, narcissism, and inmate P01135809 (AKA Trump).

It's been a while and the internet has been a lot this week.

Highlights: The Sweet Tea Party, Noname, Tory Lanez, Liz Cambage, medical racism, Hawaii, Lil Tay, Montana, and Clarence Thomas.

A lot happened on the internet this week.

Highlights: Lizzo, O’Shae Sibley, Henrietta Lacks, the Shakurs, country music, Halle, Doja Cat, Cardi B, Hoochie Daddies, and competitive eating. 

The internet was yet again a mess this week.

Highlights: Sinéad O’Connor, Wanda Coleman, Amy Winehouse, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, Cardi B and Offset, Jason Aldean, snow monkeys in Texas, aliens are real, and X. 

The internet was messy this week!

Highlights: Carlee Russell, Drake, Aliyah Boston, Tupac, Pinkydoll, selling the Commanders, the Ivory-billed woodpecker, and Obama’s playlist

The internet had me exhausted this week.

Highlights: Weaponization of therapy speak, TikTok theorizing love, Keke Palmer, affirmative action, conservatives are coming for corporations, crackheads, Tracy Chapman, twitter disaster, federal loan forgiveness, and the actors strike

The internet was hectic this week.

Highlights: Keke Palmer, Threads, Spill, Flyana Boss, cats, what sex work teaches us about history, “new normals,” saving Antarctica, re-inventing sails, and the taste of water 

I was exasperated by the internet this week. 

Today, all of my picks discuss this past week’s SCOTUS rulings, and feature many of my go-to voices in legal journalism.

WHAT A WEEK! The Supreme Court said "fuck it" this week.

Highlights: The Titan and The Titanic, killer orcas, SS Edmund Fitzgerald, a quiet life, Kimora Lee Simons, Moriah Mills, Kesha, and Little Simz 

The internet was chaotic this week!

Highlights: A potter named David Drake, ICWA, the Iowa Supreme Court, Philip Lewis, Black Women Writers, Kiese Laymon on the Second Person, Myrlie Evers, Juneteenth, the war inside psychoanalysis, and social media babies

I learned a lot on the internet this week!

Highlights: being queer in Florida, the Lady Vols, ‘The Ultimatum’, Cornel West, goggles, ‘The Age of Pleasure’, Charlie Wilson, Tea with Queen and J., Kelis and Bill Murrary (maybe?), and Zion Williamson

So many things happened on the internet that I didn’t know what to think of this week.

Highlights: Miss Majors, teaching in a red state, Tina Turner, ‘The Little Mermaid’, hiring a pop star, ‘Succession’, seeing Vermeer, public art, waking up after 20 years, and SCOTUS really doesn’t care about labor.

The internet had some good art and cultural criticism this week, but maybe I’m also just getting back into it!

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