Artist Profile

Artist Profile

The Irish Artist is Solas Nua's Inaugural Norman Houston Multidisciplinary Award Recipient

The artworks in "someone decides, hawk or dove" take their visual note from artefacts, architecture, flags, and musical instruments that point to a collective ongoing reckoning with the global colonial project.

Beth-Ann Wilson's Highlandtown-Born Art Space Brings Diverse Programing to its New Home by Penn Station

Celebrate the new home of Night Owl Gallery with a paper cutting workshop tonight, Wednesday September 20th, from artist Rosa Leff, and reception Friday, September 22nd.

An Interview with Joseph Orzal and How the Upcoming Fundraiser Reflects His Mission

On September 23rd, Hand to Eye: A Print Fundraiser for NoMüNoMü will release exclusive, limited-edition portfolios, including 14 works by local artists.

Smoke Bellow, Baltimore's Post-Punk, Experimental, Australian Kraut Rock Band

For Australians Meredith McHugh and Christian Best who comprise the band Smoke Bellow— along with American drummer and vocalist Jen Kirby from the Stranger Time People band—music is the language through which they migrated to Baltimore.

Kris Kudrnac Talks About the Aesthetic Objects Which Form His Roots and Ground Him in Place

Among art collectors, Kudrnac is ecumenical and unpredictable, unusual because of his willingness to trust his own instincts and to invest generously, including objects considered craft and furniture.

Rice makes art that fills in this gap in our brains and busts open the myth of innocence around whiteness in America.

Rice’s work is so successful because she uses documents, data, maps, and other tools that create the foundation of her lived experiences as a middle-aged white woman in America to create large-scale, labor-intensive, craft-based pieces whose effect is simultaneously visual and conceptual.

Run by Leonardo Martinez-Diaz, a new Baltimore art space offers artists and creatives chances to collaborate with scientists, policy-makers, and activists

With six studio spaces, an exhibition and event space, workshops, a library, and generous common areas, the Crow's Nest will foster “a diverse creative community whose members can inspire one another, collaborate, experiment, and cross-pollinate ideas."

WYPR presents New/Next Film Fest at The Charles Theatre August 18-20 with a variety of parties, programs, and concerts

A good film festival honors that artistic core, and brings its city an international view of independent cinema that hopefully also says something meaningful about the city in which the festival takes place.

This painting technique is also one of deliberate migration, called a “nomad” mark by the artist

Heydari's visual algorithms calculate a daily experience of chaotic disorientation

Envisioning a future that is better than our present in garments, images, and performance

For over a decade, Corona's work has touched on themes of displacement and arrival and their cyclical nature

At Mera Kitchen, the dialect is ever-expanding

The worker-owned business model was a no-brainer for the founding members, who understand that true democracy in the workplace cannot be achieved without access to ownership.

Studio Visits with Songyhun Moon, Shruti Balasubramanian, Sara Austin, Ashton Phillips, and Arson Navarro

Learn more about recent MA and MFA Graduates from MICA's Mount Royal School of Art, MA in Graphic Design (MAGD), MFA in Graphic Design (GDMFA), Studio Art Summer Low-Residency MFA (MFAST), and Photography + Media & Society

A Baltimore-based fashion designer who imbues her home culture of Nigeria into elegant garments

Spirited Afro-futuristic designs that encapsulate a love for culture and home country, utilizing bold pattern fabrics designed just for her in Nigeria.

Bright Color Contrasts with An Emotional Burden to Process Loss and Find Solace

A Visual Artist Explores the Loss of Her Mother in Dramatic, Color-Filled Expressive Canvasses

Jessy, a self-taught painter, began to use art to explore the racial mixing at the heart of their family

Hearing the term migration, what do you envision? Is migration just that one journey from point A to point B, that physical journey, or is it more? Is it lifelong?

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