Big Draw in the Dell on Friday, October 28

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THE BIG DRAW in the DELL is an evening social event in Wyman Park Dell to be held on October 28th. DJ’s will provide music while participants create live drawings that will be projected onto large outdoor screens via overhead projectors. With multiple drawings happening at the same time, artists are encouraged to respond to the music, respond/collaborate with another drawing, or engage in battle drawing as they feel inspired to. This event is largely organized and supported by the Friends of Wyman Dell Park as part of their ongoing mission to promote the Dell through arts and cultural programming.

When: The event will be held on Friday, October 28, 2011 from 7-10pm

Details: All drawings will be projected via backlit overhead projectors. Artists will work on sheets of acetate laid over the projector. Artists may use any media that will adhere to the acetate including but not limited to: permanent marker, oil pencil, colored translucent mylar, dry-erase marker, paper cut-outs. We ask that wet media be kept to a minimum to avoid damage to the projectors. Drawing Area is approximately 10″x10″. Artists will have around 30–45 min to complete a work before switching with another artist.

The first 30-45 minutes children who would like to participate will have first priority.

Background: Our event is to inspired by both the community wide Big Draw festival of drawing that has gained popularity in the UK over the last 6 years as well as the growing movement of Monster Draw rallys that have been happening around the US. While BIG DRAW in the DELL is a public happening with all welcome to attend, for this innagural run we are asking participating artists to sign-up in advance of the event so we are sure to have the projectors/drawing spaces occupied at all times.

Volunteers: We are also looking for volunteers willing to assit with set-up and make sure the event runs smoothly. If you live near Wyman Park Dell or are interested in the event and would like to help out please let me know and we’ll be glad to have your assistance

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