Frank O’Hara and Jan Cremer: The Amsterdam New York Set or The End of the Far West at Load of Fun Gallery January 27

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Frank O’Hara and Jan Cremer: The Amsterdam New York Set or The End of the Far West. 1963 / 1978

Load of Fun Gallery (LOF/g) presents a silkscreen print exhibition and poetry reading of the works of Baltimore born artist, poet, curator and critic Frank O’Hara (1926 – 1966). The exhibition combines the silkscreen printed poems of Frank O’Hara, silkscreen illustrations by his associate Jan Cremer, and spoken readings of poems and texts by Frank O’Hara. The silkscreen prints were printed by Sherwin Mark and Zeger Reyers for The Printshop and Jan Cremer in Amsterdam, Netherlands in 1978.

This exhibition is the first public exposure of these works in the USA. The exhibition opening and reading will take place in the newly renovated Load of Fun Gallery (LOF/g) 120 West North Avenue at 6:00 pm, Friday, January 27th, 2012 and continues for the month of February, 2012.

The poetry readings are presented by the i.e. Reading series (Michael Ball and Chris Mason, Curators) with readings by Chris Toll, Megan McShea, David Beaudouin, Chris Mason, and Michael Ball.

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