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Photos from Miami Project & Red Dot by Joan Cox

I have no idea what I’m going to see this weekend in Miami, but I hope you will check in regularly to see what I’m seeing. Besides the usual blog posts on the surfeit of Art Fairs which come together every December to form what is known as Art Basel Miami, I’m going to be posting a ton of photos on Bmoreart’s new Instagram Account (follow us here:! There may also be some additional face-booking, too, for you non-Instagram users, and possibly a few tweets as well. However, Instagram will be my sharing tool of choice this weekend. A girl’s gotta consolidate. A hash tag is now a necessity.


Looking back, I realize what I wrote above is not completely true. Although I don’t know exactly what I will be seeing, I know that I am going to experience a veritable crapload, a profusion, an excess, an inundation of ART!! And I can’t wait!! It’s going to be Contemporary Art, all weekend long! Seriously. Even while I sleep. I’m staying at the Deauville, home to the NADA Fair, which happens to be my favorite. So maybe I will sneak to an art fair in my pj’s. What else is on the agenda??

First of all, the Miami Beach Art Fairs, like Art Basel Miami Beach,  Aqua Art MiamiDesign Miami, Ink Miami, the New Material Art FairScope MiamiSELECT Fair Miami, and, of course, there must also be an Untitled Art Fair. There’s the Rubell Family Collection (museum) featuring “28 Chinese” artists, which has met with mixed reviews. Then, there’s all the Art Fairs in Wynwoood and Miami proper, including Art MiamiArtSpot Miami International Art FairBrazil Art FairCONTEXTFrIDgE ArT FAiRiMiami ProjectMiami River Art FairPULSE MiamiRed Dot MiamiSPECTRUM Miami, and ZONES Art Fair. In addition there are panel discussions, performances, parties, and even a a Tumblr festival celebrating the animated GIF! For real, this exists: and I am going to find it.

Will there be bling-tastic bling? Yes. Will there be celebrities flashing their credit cards? Yes. Will there be neon? Yes. Will there be Alec Balwin art? I hope so. Besides checking out the new, the  the beautiful, and the ridiculous while walking around with my mouth gaping open, I will be on a treasure hunt for Baltimore artists exhibiting in Miami Fairs. If you are a Baltimore artist and your work is in Miami and you haven’t already, send an email to and let me know where I can find your work! Just like Santa, I will be watching you.

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