Merry Xmas, Baltimore! News, Links, and Best Holiday Cards Ever

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My favorite Xmas movie scene will always be Dawn Davenport in John Water’s ‘Female Trouble’


Hallmark thought Salvadore Dali’s Surrealist Christmas cards were “a bit too avant garde for the average greeting card buyer” but the Spanish handled it pretty well. See more from Dali’s Xmas card series at  Dangerous Minds.


It’s Official: Celebrities are NOT like us. Check out this Huffpost selection of Celebrity Xmas Card Photos. A favorite is the Kardashians, shot by David LaChappelle, which features disembodied mannequins and Bruce Jenner in a cashier’s box.


Um, did you gain some weight since I last saw you? Did you wash your hair today? Is that a pimple or a cold sore?? Does everyone relish these honest conversations with relatives during the holidays? After polling women about the comments their families make, NY Mag created a selection of original holiday cards using the quotes. If only.

Christmas cards

For something Baltimore-centric AND Xmas card related, check out the new exhibit at The Enoch Pratt Library central branch: a Christmas card showcase from past holidays featuring about 450 cards from the past 140 years. The cards were created between the 1870’s and 1970’s and were actually sent by Marylanders for Christmas, New Year’s and Hanukkah. The Baltimore Sun has the scoop.


I found MORE on Xmas Cards and Baltimore: John Waters has made his own Christmas cards for the past fifty years. My favorite is the one above, with Steve Buscemi posing as Waters. “I started doing it in high school in 1964,” he explains. “I send out over 2,000 cards by now. Basically, I’m channeling Pia Zadora, who used to send out the best pricey holiday-related object to help spread her name and make it last all year.” One year he attached original tree ornaments made with dead cockroaches.


This selection would be grossly negligent without a link to ‘WTF Christmas Cards‘ compiled by Huffpost. We all know people who need to take that extra step into creepy weirdness for their holiday cards. Is it possible these are all real? This will make you laugh.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.25.22 PM

If you’re looking for next year’s awesome card, look no further than the MOMA Gift Shop. Actually, these are cute, but they all look like they are from Target. Perhaps try the MOMA Design Shop instead.


Other missed shopping opportunities: Hyperallergic lists the top ten art books of 2013. I’m happy to see the Damage Control Catalogue, The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium, Tod Seelie’s Bright Nights, and Sharon Loudon’s Living and Sustaining a Creative Life all made the list.


Where would we be without Christmas gifs? No, not gifts. Gifs. Check out this site curated by Ryan Todd and built by Enjoythis. It’s pretty great. Link:

Oh, and for some actual news – the Baltimore City Paper may be up for sale. Again. What does this mean??? Find out what The Baltimore Sun thinks…  if anyone knows, it’s them.

* This silly list was compiled by your friend & Bmoreart Editor Cara Ober. Have an excellent holiday!

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