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ALLOVERSTREET is a monthly night of simultaneous openings and events on East Oliver Street. The June ALLOVERSTREET will be held last Friday, June 5 across arts spaces on East Oliver between Guilford and Greenmount.

All Photos by Nicole Ringel


New Work by Jac Rust at La Bodega Gallery

The Copycat Building, Unit A100 / 1511 Guilford Ave

at once was the force of Nature; Now the force of media
The roots of society vs. the roots of nature

It is an individual’s surrounding and culture that influence their internal thoughts and creativity. Because of this, information and symbols are organized in the collective unconscious. This work looks at how people are psychologically and psychically molded, from the time of childhood, due to these influences. The effects and inability to interpret the media constantly wears on ones mind, often unnoticeably and this is ingrained, weaved, and wired within the development of human life. It is inherent in our society and inevitable to avoid, almost like natural human instinct. This body of work looks at the concepts of “nature and media” and how the forces of society and media effect our natural actions, awareness and drive our mentality. The effect of media on our natural being is like a root, holding us down almost incapable of release, just as a large tree trunk has distinctly old and wise hectic and deeply intertwined roots holding the weight of the tree for decades. Media knows just how to draw you in and also the right ways to hurt you, just as when in nature the most beautiful things will often cause harm. The power that media has over individuals through altering perceptions, creating and antagonizing our desires and expectations, could result in what could be called a commercial death to society.







ICA BALTIMORE: Angela Conant: Deuteranope at Gallery CA
May 29 – June 14

ICA Baltimore presents Angela Conant: Deuteranope, a multimedia exhibition of painting, projection, sculpture, and installation. Works will be arranged according to their meaning in relationship to dark and light, inner and outer, consciousness and unconsciousness. Projection in an interior, dark gallery-within-gallery will serve as a false window to the outside/light space, and will display narrative that fictionalizes the objects outside. Works on the inside of the dark space will be balanced on the outside by countering or opposing objects.









Nick Bubash: The Natural Order of Things at MICA’s Lazarus Center
June 5 – June 14

MICA’s Curatorial Practice MFA‘16 candidates Ashley DeHoyos, Jen Melvin, Chrissie A. Miller, and Nick Petr present The Natural Order of Things, an exhibition of works by Pittsburgh-based, mixed-media artist Nick Bubash, at MICA’s Sheila & Richard Riggs Gallery, Fred Lazarus IV Graduate Studio Center, June 5 –14, 2015.

The Natural Order of Things featuring Bubash’s assemblages, collage work and drawing offer visitors an opportunity to react to the works and to build their own assemblages.








dream cloud: An Exhibiton by Audrey Van de Castle and Courtney Corcoran
Terrault Contemporary
1515 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, Maryland

June 5 – June 17th

“dreamcloud” is a collaborative show featuring works by Audrey Van de Castle and Courtney Corcoran. Work in the show highlights fleeting moments by the means of mixed media sculpture, installation, video, and painting. Using pastel colors, airy materials, and abstraction, the artists explore femininity and invite viewers to occupy a space between subconsciousness and reality. The journey between the ethereal and the physical is one without clear lines dividing the two. Each artist looks at different aspects of this veil. “dreamcloud” floats through this soft transitional space without drawing lines between the two. Through a daydreamy haze, the artists call attention to experiences otherwise overlooked or forgotten.

poster design by Alex Andra

gallery hours: tuesday – saturday 12-5pm

Terrault 2

terrault 4


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