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Frame of Mind
New Paintings by Minás Konsolas
The Creative Alliance at the Patterson
Amalie Rothschild Gallery
3134 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, MD
On view: November 6 – 28, 2015


Minás Konsolas’ new paintings advance his past self-developed style. His works build abstract compositions that result in beautiful recognizable places. Foremost, he is a deft colorist, with a strong connection to post-impressionist artists. A self-described romantic, he makes enticing paintings that appeal to a broad public.

For this exhibition, Konsolas, an avid fan of poetry, asked six literary friends to write one sentence about each painting which is then shown along side the work, taking the painting’s narrative in differing directions.  These writers include David Beaudouin, Betsy Boyd, Tracy Dimond, Amanda Fiore, Nancy Murray, Alan Reese, and Gina Caruso.

Konsolas develops his canvases by adding and eliminating multiple layers of paint, creates textured images by scraping and smearing. This process allows him to paint and draw at the same time.

Konsolas was born in Greece and has lived in Baltimore since 1976, where he graduated from the Maryland Institute, College of Art. He is the former owner of Minás Gallery, an outlet for poetry, both visual and verbal. The gallery, one of Baltimore’s alternative art spaces, was located above his vintage clothing boutique in Hampden. It was a gathering spot for local artists, writers and performers for twenty-two years.

Minas_CA M_30x40_2015 Minas_CA01_betseyboyd Minas_CA01_SueLowe Minas_CA02Minas_CA04Minas_CA08 Minas_CA009 Minas_CA10_nancyMinas_CA10 Minas_CA11 Minas_CA12 Minas_CA13 Minas_CA14_nancy Minas_CA15 Minas_CA16 Minas_CA17 Minas_CA18  Minas_CA20 Minas_CA21 Minas_CA22   Minas_CA25  Minas_CA27 Minas_CA28  Minas_CA31   Minas_CA34  Minas_CA36 Minas_CA37 Minas_CA38
Photos of the exhibition and opening reception by Jack Livingston.
Images of the paintings provided by the artist.

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