Untitled is Minimal, Elegant, Gray … and on the Beach

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A Visit to Untitled 2015 Reveals Subtle and Interesting Trends in the Art World by Cara Ober

I have no idea who this quote is attributed to but, to paraphrase, ‘Good design occurs when you don’t notice it.’ When something is well designed, it appears effortless, holistic, and purposeful. Usually these are not qualities that describe an art fair, but Untitled defies expectations and this is a good thing.

Untitled is one of Art Basel’s newer fairs, founded in 2012, and it includes a curated selection of commercial galleries, artist-run spaces, and non-profit organizations, which is why this fair feels more authentic and less overtly commercial than the others. In addition to the balance of profit with the non-profit, Untitled puts a lot of effort into the architecture and design of their venue, and it shows that their curators collaborate with architects, galleries, and artists; this provides a seamless and enticing visit free from the cacophony and stress of other fairs.

Despite the rain this year, this fair on the beach was still beautiful. They even provided umbrella services to patrons to encourage them to come! Located in South Beach in a giant tent, the ratio of art to space at Untitled was about 1 to 10. At Art Basel it was pretty much 1 to 1, with crowd levels like Trader Joes on a Sunday. At Untitled, all this luxurious space was good for the art and made me feel like a regular, not crazy human being and–no surprise– there were zero stabbings there.

Since 2014 the curatorial team has consisted of Artistic Director Omar López-Chahoud with curators Christophe Boutin and Melanie Scarciglia. Untitled took place on the beach in Miami Beach, FL December 2 – 6, 2015.

Photos by Cara Ober and Joan Cox

IMG_0900IMG_5377IMG_5373 Who wants a free poster????? Designed by Marina Abramovic, John Baldessari, Vanessa Beecroft, Liam Gillick, Daniel Gordon, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Parker Ito, Sam Lewitt, Nathan Carter, and Taryn Simon — specially designed for Untitled, art, Miami Beach?

I will take several, thank you.IMG_5374 It’s okay, little silver person. This fair is actually pretty great.IMG_5375 I loved the giant Schemears of paint on the wall at Rebecca Camhi Gallery

IMG_5378 Allison Schulnik!!!!!! Centaurette in Flower Field, how I love your rich and stinky impastos. Really. I do. At Zieher Smith & Horton.
IMG_5380 IMG_5381 Elijah Burgher, I feel like I understand what it means to live in Brooklyn now. I thank you for this. Also from Zieher Smith & Horton.
IMG_5383 No idea what this is, but I like it.
IMG_5385 This booth killed. It’s so restrained yet fun and pretty. And I love all the gray. At Dittrich and Schlechtreim from Berlin.IMG_5386 Marisa Newman Projects from NY. A fun booth, but definitely not a candidate for faux finishing in the future.12289481_10207656116151278_6707192862047068143_nJonathan Monaghan, a Baltimorean familiar name! at bitforms gallery. And also this beautiful thing…

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.13.32 PM

IMG_5389 ADA Gallery from Richmond brought the smurfs, ceramics, and ironic fun art. I like irony and fuscia. I like ceramics with smurfs.
IMG_5391 There’s so much spaaaaaace! It’s a luxury at an art fair. IMG_5392 The person working at the Aperture Foundation booth is like — actually, please DON’T join us. It’s okay though. It was a long day. They had great prints and magazines.IMG_5393 IMG_5394 I can’t decide whether I love this or hate it. But it is very gray. From Rincón Projects in Colombia.
IMG_5396 Theresa Lanceta at Galeria Espacio Minimo. It’s adorable.
IMG_5398 Jose Ruiz is all, I dare you to take my picture! Good stuff at the Present Company booth, including photos by Ginevra Shay, pictured below.
IMG_5400Below: All better now! Baltimore makes it all better.12339408_10207658949142101_8022342177575103417_o

IMG_0918 IMG_0917IMG_0908IMG_0898 Works by Hassan HajjajIMG_0891 IMG_0886Interactive Ann Hamilton – Signal, above and below.
IMG_0884IMG_0871 Dimitri Obergfell
IMG_0862 Site: Lab Julie Schenkenberg’s Lemurian ShiftIMG_0859 Details of Lemurian ShiftIMG_0863IMG_0839 IMG_0838 IMG_0832 IMG_0831

Untitled, I love you! I hope it’s sunny next year when I visit.

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