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ALLOVERSTREET Friday, February 5th, 2016 

Alloverstreet is a night of simultaneous art openings and events spanning the many art spaces of East Oliver Street in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District. The event kicked off the night with a happy hour sponsored by Union Craft Brewing at the Station North Tool Library that was followed by an Alloverstreet Talk directly next door at Area 405 featuring Lighthole! Gallery’s Nakia “Fire Angelou” Brown before the art walk. The talk was sponsored by Station North, Area 405, Brewers Art & featured free gourmet pizza from Joe Squared.

ALLOVERSTREET KICK OFF @ The Station North Tool Library & Area 405 (5:00-7:30PM) A happy hour sponsored by Union Craft Brewing.tbruce_allover_feb2016-1 tbruce_allover_feb2016-10 tbruce_allover_feb2016-9 tbruce_allover_feb2016-8 tbruce_allover_feb2016-7 tbruce_allover_feb2016-6 tbruce_allover_feb2016-5 tbruce_allover_feb2016-4 tbruce_allover_feb2016-3 tbruce_allover_feb2016-2tbruce_allover_feb2016-11

Artist talk by Lighthole! Gallery & Nakia “Fire Angelou” Brown at Area 405 at 7PM
Area 405: 405 East Oliver Street, Baltimore, MD, 21202

tbruce_allover_feb2016-16tbruce_allover_feb2016-18tbruce_allover_feb2016-19 tbruce_allover_feb2016-21 tbruce_allover_feb2016-20 tbruce_allover_feb2016-17 tbruce_allover_feb2016-15 tbruce_allover_feb2016-14 tbruce_allover_feb2016-13 tbruce_allover_feb2016-12

AMORFO @ Terrault Contemporary
A solo show by Paulina Velázquez Solís
The Copycat, 1515 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, MD, 21202tbruce_allover_feb2016-22 tbruce_allover_feb2016-30 tbruce_allover_feb2016-29 tbruce_allover_feb2016-28 tbruce_allover_feb2016-27 tbruce_allover_feb2016-26 tbruce_allover_feb2016-25 tbruce_allover_feb2016-24 tbruce_allover_feb2016-23
EX NIHILO @ La Bodega Gallery
A group exhibition featuring artwork by Margo Elsayd, Rodrigo Carazas Portal, James Cole and Joseph Orzal
The Copycat, Unit A100, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21202

tbruce_allover_feb2016-33tbruce_allover_feb2016-32tbruce_allover_feb2016-31 tbruce_allover_feb2016-39 tbruce_allover_feb2016-38 tbruce_allover_feb2016-37 tbruce_allover_feb2016-36 tbruce_allover_feb2016-35 tbruce_allover_feb2016-34
The first of four pop-ups by Station North Artists in Residence Ada Pinkston and Hoesy Corona
The Copycat, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21202tbruce_allover_feb2016-40 tbruce_allover_feb2016-43 tbruce_allover_feb2016-42 tbruce_allover_feb2016-41
BLK LUV @ Penthouse Gallery
BLK LUV is a gallery event hosted by the BALTI GURLS in homage to Black History Month and Valentine’s Day Featuring works by Suldano Abdiruhman, Jenné Afiya, Chanel C. Cruz, Ashley Chambers, N’Deye Diakhate, Donnisa Hinson, A. Isabel and Sophia Yeshi
The Copycat, Unit B501, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MDtbruce_allover_feb2016-60 tbruce_allover_feb2016-75 tbruce_allover_feb2016-74 tbruce_allover_feb2016-73 tbruce_allover_feb2016-72 tbruce_allover_feb2016-71 tbruce_allover_feb2016-70 tbruce_allover_feb2016-69 tbruce_allover_feb2016-68 tbruce_allover_feb2016-67 tbruce_allover_feb2016-66 tbruce_allover_feb2016-65 tbruce_allover_feb2016-64 tbruce_allover_feb2016-63 tbruce_allover_feb2016-62 tbruce_allover_feb2016-61
PAPER/WEIGHT @ Ballroom Gallery
The works of Sara Al Haddad and Melvin Thomas
The Copycat, Unit B202, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD

tbruce_allover_feb2016-45tbruce_allover_feb2016-44 tbruce_allover_feb2016-55 tbruce_allover_feb2016-54 tbruce_allover_feb2016-53 tbruce_allover_feb2016-52 tbruce_allover_feb2016-51 tbruce_allover_feb2016-50 tbruce_allover_feb2016-49 tbruce_allover_feb2016-48 tbruce_allover_feb2016-47 tbruce_allover_feb2016-46
An environmental sound piece by the Softies of the Softhouse
The Copycat, Unit B503, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MDtbruce_allover_feb2016-77 tbruce_allover_feb2016-81 tbruce_allover_feb2016-76tbruce_allover_feb2016-80 tbruce_allover_feb2016-79 tbruce_allover_feb2016-78

SYMBOLS @ LightHole! Intermedia Art Monthly
A three artist group show of intermedia works by Chanan Delivuk, Victor F de M Torres and Sonya Norko. SYMBOLS will examine the role of artists and visual/experiential culture in morphing social conventions LightHole will also release it’s 5th issue of it’s monthly journal
The Copycat, Unit B401, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21202tbruce_allover_feb2016-56 tbruce_allover_feb2016-57 tbruce_allover_feb2016-59 tbruce_allover_feb2016-58

Acoustic sets by various artists. Open to all musicians, vocalists and spoken word artists
The Copycat, Unit C402, 1511 Guilford Ave, Baltimore, MDtbruce_allover_feb2016-86 tbruce_allover_feb2016-85 tbruce_allover_feb2016-84 tbruce_allover_feb2016-83 tbruce_allover_feb2016-82

RISING UP @ Gallery CA
An exhibition of student work from scholars at Connexions: A Community Based Arts School
440 East Oliver Street, Baltimore, MD, 21202
tbruce_allover_feb2016-87 tbruce_allover_feb2016-94 tbruce_allover_feb2016-93 tbruce_allover_feb2016-92 tbruce_allover_feb2016-91 tbruce_allover_feb2016-90 tbruce_allover_feb2016-89 tbruce_allover_feb2016-88

For more information, head to the Alloverstreet Blog!

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