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Filmmaker Phallon J. Beckham Visits a New Baltimore Art Space

Pipedreamz is a boutique and art gallery that offers artist in Baltimore with a space to display their work without restrictions. Their goal is to provide a platform for all people of all walks of life to a showcase their artistry and feel welcomed.

Pipedreamz from Bmoreart on Vimeo.

Owners of Pipedreamz include AC Abdullah, Flacco, K- Kali, and Gruvyedrew.
Pipedreamz is located on 829 N. Howard Street Baltimore Md.

Pipedreamz will be having a social mixer and art auction that is open to the public. Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 5pm

Author and Filmmaker Phallon J. Beckham is a cartoon snob, a recovering sneaker addict, and culture connoisseur. She is currently a graduate student filmmaker at MICA and founder of 1800CREATIVE Filmworks. 

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