Alloverstreet May 2016

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Issue 2 of the BmoreArt Journal of Art + Ideas is [...]

Photos by Tommy Bruce of Baltimore’s Favorite Art Walk

Alloverstreet is a night of simultaneous art openings and events spanning the many art spaces of East Oliver Street in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District.

Happy Hour @ Station North Tool Library (417 E Oliver St)tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-2tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-3 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-4 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-5 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-6 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-7 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-8 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-9 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-10 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-11 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-12 Artist Talk featuring Gallery CA & Viveca Licata (405 E Oliver St), featuring The Brewer’s Art beer and Joe Squared pizza!tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-13 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-14 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-15 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-16 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-17 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-18 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-19 Terrault Contemporary
DOUBLE TAKE, An exhibition by Madeline Gallucci

and Bromide, a group show

The Copycat, 1515 Guilford Avetbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-20 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-21 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-22 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-23 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-24 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-25 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-26 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-27 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-28 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-29 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-30 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-31 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-32 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-33

Ballroom Gallery
Work by Michael Quednau, Maya Ragazzo, Aja Bivens, and Amanda Perkins.
The Copycat, Unit B202, 1511 Guilford Ave

tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-34 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-35 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-36 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-37 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-38 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-39 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-40 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-41

“Ass Dance: A Showlo-so”
A solo show by Cathy Cook
The Copycat, Unit B401, 1511 Guilford Ave

tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-42 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-43 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-44 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-45 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-46 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-47 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-48 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-49 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-50

Penthouse Gallery
“Gina Debut”
Works by Ginny Huo and Christina Martinelli
The Copycat, Unit B501, 1511 Guildford Ave

tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-51 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-52 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-53 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-54 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-55 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-56 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-57 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-58 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-59 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-60 Gallery CA
“Fill All My Holes”
Paintings by Viveca Licata.
440 E Oliver Sttbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-61 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-62 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-63 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-64 Bodega Gallery
Featuring projections by Stephen Crouch (DC) and Sean Berg (Baltimore) and performances by Ch’lich K’aaxil (Baltimore), Cigarette (DC) and Anne Claire (NC).
The Copycat, Unit A100, 1511 Guilford Avetbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-65 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-66 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-67 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-68 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-69 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-70 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-71 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-72 tbruce_alloverstreet_may2016-73

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