Highlights from MICA Thesis II: Post-Baccalaureate in Graphic Design and Fine Arts

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Highlights from MICA Thesis II: MFA in Graphic De [...]

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MICA MFA Exhibitions for Post-Baccalaureate Programs in Graphic Design and Fine Arts by Amy Boone-McCreesh


The small group of post-bac in graphic design can be found in the Fox 3 gallery (third floor). The theme for this exhibition was “Realignment.”

From the Post Baccalaureate program: “Explore the realignment of our national arboretum, a personal design process, an astronomer’s identity, baking with children, historical book covers, settling refugees, today’s objects in the future, color and emotion, the homeless population, Puerto Rican traditions, Lakota myths, clip art, sad songs, microbes, video game consoles and food fights!”

Katie Mancher invites viewers to a world in the future that has found relics of our contemporary lives. She presents objects like a cut credit card, a Barbie doll, and a lightbulb and with the text designed for this show, offers ideas of what these objects may have been used for. The boxes of objects and wall texts read like a museum from the future where these objects are now obsolete.

Iris’s Magical Bread is a playful pseudo storefront by Hayelin Choi. The piece aims to become an app and storybook that encourages children to understand cooking through science.

Food Fights by Sarah Wool

Oral traditions of the Lakota tribe Ohunkaka, a guide to Lakota Mythology by Bobby Joe Smith III.


Fifteen post baccalaureate students took to the large space at ICA on North Avenue and created a thesis exhibition that was the culmination of their certificate. The work was heavy on large- scale sculpture, many of which used the space in a site-specific way, painting and video/projections.

Tracey Jen’s large fabric figures stack and reach to use another to reach the ceiling.

Justin Stafford, latex paint on Masonite panel. The piece Merger offers an inventive solution to the fire alarm’s unfortunate placement.

Amy Meng, mixed media works with reoccurring floating heads. Digital print on paper  and Embroidery on linen.

Meditative repetitious painting by Ting Yu Huang, Beast, Gouache on wood panel, 2017

Michelle Kim’s video Overlay1 mixes physical and digital by hanging ink-patterned paper in front of a video with a similar motif. Still of the video seen here—I highly recommend seeing it in person.

Najee Haynes-Follins hair pieces, made with hair, nails, and thumb tacks.

True Harrigan has a diverse collection of works in the show. Seen here is a site-specific wall work made with silver insulation foil. Her other works lean more towards soft sculpture- utilizing stuffed animals, cotton threads, and artificial hair.

Juliana Pepper (below) mixed media installation, 2017

Exhibition views of Post Bac in Fine Arts:

More information about all of the students, exhibitions, and programs can be found at MICA Grad Show’s website and Programs of Study.


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Graphic Design: Fox 3 Gallery, Open: Mon–Sat: 10AM–5PM, Sun: 12PM–5PM Bobby Joe Smith, Conny Cavazos, Camelia Rojas, Dante Weikel, Emily Tartanella, Hayelin Choi, Jessica Kerbo, Kathryn Mancher, Elizabeth Sonnenschein, Kimberly Tsai, Lauren Biagini, Lindsey Kellogg, Elizabeth Mortati, Seungkwan Chae, Siyao Peng, Sarah Wool

POST BAC IN FINE ART/GRAPHIC DESIGN: Decker Gallery, Open: Mon–Sat: 10AM–5PM, Sun: 12PM–5PM
Bobby Joe Smith, Conny Cavazos, Camelia Rojas, Dante Weikel, Emily Tartanella, Hayelin Choi, Jessica Kerbo, Kathryn Mancher, Elizabeth Sonnenschein, Kimberly Tsai, Lauren Biagini, Lindsey Kellogg, Elizabeth Mortati, Seungkwan Chae, Siyao Peng, Sarah Wool

POST BAC IN FINE ART: Space Camp, Open: Mon–Fri: 12PM–4PM
Alexandra Green, Colin McEligot, Ting Yu Huang, Joshua Brooks, Justin Stafford, Mikhail Ilin, Michelle Kim, Najee Haynes-Follins, Juliana Pepper, Seohyeon Shin, Sicheng Wang, True Harrigan, Farhana Tani, Tracey Jen, Xiangqi Meng

March 27th–April 9th


Author Amy Boone McCreesh is a Baltimore based artist, professor, and writer.

MICA Gradshow coverage is brought to you by a partnership between MICA’s Graduate Studies and BmoreArt.

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