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“Seeing the world differently and reimagining tomorrow” was the theme for the Phillips Collection’s Gala held on April 29th at the Washington National Cathedral, designed to honor a century of leadership in the art and museum world. Founded by Duncan and Eliza Phillips in 1922, the Phillips Collection is located in DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood and highlights from the collection include the largest collection of Bonnards in North America, as well as notable works by Paul Klee, Henri Matisse, Jacob Lawrence, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mark Rothko, as well as contemporary artists like Wolfgang Laib, Nekisha Durrett, and Desmond Beach.

The event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the beloved institution emphasized unique perspectives to honor those who have supported the continuous growth of the museum. Those recognized that night represented the founders’ dreams of seeing art, old and new, on the same spectrum of beauty and uniqueness. As the first event many have attended since the beginning of social distancing two years ago, individuals appreciated a reason to dress up and socialize. Glamorous dresses, bow ties, jackets, and personalities filled the cathedral.

From music to attire, the occasion was a reminder of why self-expression holds such importance. As fashion has become a more appreciated form of individuality it utilizes the narratives of many. Having found new ways to integrate heirlooms into their wardrobes, guests ensured their ancestors’ stories will live on for generations to come. The museum’s emphasis on combining old and new has encouraged its supporters to do the same. Shown through these sentimental items, our ancestors’ history intertwined with our own demonstrates the significance of the Phillips’ vision.

The Phillips Collection Centennial Gala at the National Cathedral in Washington
Katherine Smith Contemporary Dance Ensemble (KSCDE)
Guests at the Phillips Collection Centennial Gala
Lucretia Tanner, Artist, Wearing: Vintage jacket, her favorite piece of her ensemble
Mel and Juanita Hardy, Wearing: A paint palette-shaped “Friends of the Arts” Pin from the University of Maryland. He says he is, “Looking at the world through the lens of art” as well as “wearing art on my sleeve.”
Paula Potts, Wearing: A necklace she designed from her brand, Sylverwear
DJ Blakberri, Wearing: Dress from Primrose BoutiQ, styled by Andrea Young
Guest at the Phillips Collection Centennial Gala
Chris McIsaac, Wearing: His father’s kilt
Robert Liotta, Wearing: A tuxedo that he bought for a wedding in England with Mrs. Liotta, wearing a formal gown
Katherine Smith Contemporary Dance Ensemble (KSCDE)
Saumya Shiohare (detail, shoes)
Erin and Matt Ritz, Brit and Will Williams
Barbara Hall, Wearing: Her sentimental wedding ring
Dorothy Kosinski,Vradenburg Director and CEO of the Phillips Collection, and Ellen Kendall, attorney
Caroline and Jim Wohlgemuth with Nina Swistel, Wearing: a Dior Jacket and a tie by his best friend's late twin sister, Selby Devault
The Phillips Collection Centennial Gala
Cynthia, Corvin, and Denise Long, Quote: Cynthia (right) and Denise (left) with their mother, Corvin. They agreed, “It’s nice to be out with mom. It’s nice to be out in general - it’s such a beautiful occasion after 2 years."
“Air Fountain” by Daniel Wurtzel at the Phillips Collection Centennial Gala at the National Cathedral
Guests at the Phillips Collection Centennial Gala
Guests at The Phillips Centennial Gala
Trevor Williams and Lisa Walker
“Air Fountain” by Daniel Wurtzel at the Phillips Collection Centennial Gala at the National Cathedral
Adrienne Delibert and Camilla Peterson, Wearing: Her mother’s dress
Jonathan Monaghan, Contemporary Artist
Jason Aiken and Melissa Baker, Wearing: Engagement rings
Kapil and Saumya Shiohare, Wearing: A necklace from India and a basketball bag from Aldo
Saumya Shiohare, with basketball bag from Aldo
The Phillips Collection Centennial Gala
Guest at the Phillips Collection Centennial Gala
The Phillips Collection Centennial Gala at the National Cathedral in Washington
The Phillips Collection Centennial Gala at the National Cathedral in Washington
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