Vanity Affair III: Fashion, Vogue, Community, and So Much Gold

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On Saturday, February 18th Marquis Clanton presented Vanity Affair 3, a fashion show experience at the Chesapeake Arts Center in Brooklyn Park. Hosted by Desmond Handon, with music by DJ DYNCE, featuring Baltimore-based designers, members of The House of Vanity, and dancers from across the DMV.

The show opened with a scene inspired by Rihanna Savage X Fenty. The performance was sexy, sultry, athletic, and visually stunningcombining the technically precise movement, tight choreography, and vibrant storytelling Marquis Clanton is known for.

The opening performance set the stage for the proceeding fashion show experience which celebrated community and diversity, showcasing the independent spirit of Baltimore designers: The Glam Print by TiTi, LuLuBs Closet by Talea Dixon, NuLanguage by Whiz, and Wanda Newby by Ms. Wanda.   


Vanity Affair III was deft, masterful, and creative both in form and presentation. The dancers were fierce and on point. “My Vanity talented dancers did not come to play. The fire techniques of HEELS, VOGUE, HIP HOP, CONTEMPORARY, and much more were showcased and displayed so beautifully. The vanity models gave nothing but confidence, personality, attitude, killer walks with style and grace. True Artistry” shares Marquis Clanton. His adroitness in casting, format, and presentation breaks boundaries and challenges the traditional format of a fashion show.

Between sets members of the audience were called up to stage, a celebration of community enveloped in love, respect, and the independent and diverse spirit of the ballroom community and its family members, both bloodline and chosen. Desmond Handon did an outstanding job calling members of the audience on stage to walk. And, DJ DYNCE fueled the dance party between scenes, making it impossible to sit down, bringing the entire audience to their feet.

It was 360 degrees of independent style and fashion, pure joy, part dance party, and 100% Baltimore. It was beautiful to experience a platform of agency and recognition for all parties included and nodded to the generosity, talent, and positive spirit of Marquis Clanton.


“I brought different designers on board to highlight and showcase them, and every designer had a different vibe,” says Clanton. “Titi for The Glam Print was girly, sexy, and flirty. LuLuB’s Closet was vintage. Whiz of NuLanguage was urban street wear, and Wanda Newby was high fashion.”

When discussing his vision for the show’s grand finale, featuring all-gold ensembles, Clanton explains that he “wanted glam because our Haus is royalty! So the first thing that came to my mind was a palace.” The resulting performance, titled “The Royal Palace,” marked a fitting exclamation point at the end of the evening—Clanton and his collaborators served triumphant regal pomp. But unlike most monarchies, Vanity Affair offered a democratic vision of glamor.


Marquis Clanton
Marquis Clanton
The Glam Print by TiTi
Designer TiTi
Marquis Clanton
Designer Talea Dixon
NuLanguage by Whiz 
Wanda Newby by Ms. Wanda
Designer Ms. Wanda

Vanity dancers and models:

Briana Smith, Brittany Price, Zyiah Chanel, Anthony Hunt, Bryson Whittington, Odejah Berry, Eddie Howard, Tee Taylor, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah Strokes, Da’Shira Jackson, Daequan Laboard, Jermira Fitchett, Ikea Carter, Imani Pittman, Hotsauce King, Jessica Paschall, Bree Rose Cooper, Moniq Bevans, Maya Wilson, Za Mayi Elliott, Shemia Newman, Brandon Flowers, Shakira Pitts, Alexander Howard, London Smith, Lakiara Dix, Jalena Findlay, Armeara Blackwell, Bryniah Sheree


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