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Baker Artist Awards – In addition to cash awards, each Baker Artist Award winner is given a Baker ‘B’ sculpture, designed by Betty Cooke, in recognition of their success.

Creative City: The Baker Artist Awards creates opportunities for artists, musicians, and performers.
by Cara Ober

Three years ago, Baltimore artists went digital with the launch of the Baker Artist Awards, an online artist competition. Think facebook for local artists—only with three $25,000 prizes awarded annually, and the possibility of an exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Practically overnight, Baltimore’s visual artists, writers, performers, and musicians joined the online gallery and community.

On the site, each artist has a page, and all an artist has to do to nominate himself is upload images, text, or video. The pages are linked so that other artists, curators, and the general public can surf from artist to artist. And unlike other online artist registries, many of which charge artists to participate, the Baker site is completely free.

Connie Imboden is an internationally known photographer who serves as president and trustee for the Baker Artist Awards Fund and has been on its Board of Governors since 1995. The fund was established in 1964 by Imboden’s great-aunt, noted Baltimore philanthropist Mary Sawyers Baker.

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