John Bohl & Jordan Bernier Artist Book Release party Friday, April 8, 7-10pm at Current

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John Bohl & Jordan Bernier Artist Book Release party
Friday, April 8, 7-10pm

About The Book: Silk screened & hand bound book including the work of 30 + Baltimore artists! In addition, artist poster series will be released in conjunction with the book and postes will be available at the release party! Books are 50 pgs each / Edition of 100 / $15 each! Get em while ya can cus they’ll go fast!

Pre-order Info: Email and we will reserve your copy of the book & you can pick it up at the opening!

Russel Hite

Contributors: Alex Ebstein, Ali Moss, Andrew Liang, Annie Gray Robrecht, Russel Hite, Robby Rackleff, Austin Redwood, Michael Benevento, Beth Hoeckel, Bettina Yung, Caitlin Cunningham, Chiara Keeling, Edward Max Fendley, DJ Rice, Chris Day, Elena Johnston, Gary Kachadourian, Gerry Mak, Josh Van Horne, Justin Lucas, Kenneth Roman, Lauren Brick, Lou Joseph, Max Guy, Monique Crabb, Chris Mucci, Sal Farina, Sarah Matson, Noel Freibert, Steve Riddle, David Ubias

Chris Day
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