Grass Party and Tasting at Area 405 December 10

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Saturday December 10, 8-11pm “Grass Tasting Party” @ Area 405,
405 Oliver St., Baltimore MD 21202

The Contemporary Museum, in collaboration with Area 405, come prepared to taste:
Tall Fescue, Kentucky Blue Grass & Perennial Rye

Hear SONDHEIM finalist Stephanie Barber present “FOR A LAWN POEM”!

Looking for a special holiday gift idea? Ever wonder what really fresh “house-made” grass tastes like? Curious to hear the latest in “New Grass Music”? Eager to see people sporting their winter green? Then we’ve got the event for you…

We’re talking all things “lawn” here, including special drinks to accompany our “house made” grass tastings, grown in trays in our temporary offices.

Over twenty local artists have made “sculpture gardens,” which will be for sale, starting at $10. “Sculpture gardens” are like Chia® Pets, only they’re sculptures that sprout seeds. These sculptures are perfect for “winter window sills,” yearning for spring green. They’ll also be a “sculpture garden” workshop on site.

COST: $10, Free for Contemporary Museum members

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