A Reaction to ZimZum at Creative Alliance by Mihaela Savu

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ZIMZUM:  A Reflective Jot from Creative Alliance by Mihaela Savu

The street… birth channel of happenings, some stillborn, some premature, some ugly, some perfect… but always morphing into something else. The street… bedroom of homelessness, random intersections, nightmares, bypasses, manicured lilliput gardens and piss corners. The street… the an unchanging, mysterious and everlasting receptacle seizing the mortals’ most difficult toil: living.

The main gallery space at Creative Alliance gathers personal stories into one great mundane urban recount. The final product of this artistic triad mounts into the most stable element of the street: the cinder block wall and the antithetic, elusive, wall projection of its own making… The street is a blueprint for creation.

“ZimZum”, a collaborative street and gallery exhibition featuring Gaia, Michael Owen, and Momo, convenes three large paintings reflecting individual narratives: bellicose mythological beings, half human, half animal; the side view of a steel by-pass between two gardens and the abstract geometry of confusion. This show is ultimately about the remnants of unique narratives cemented across the space into the symbolic wall and the memory of its making.

Mihaela Savu is currently an MFA Candidate in MICA’s Rhinehart School of Sculpture

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