Bmoreart Readers: Ten New Years Resolutions for 2013

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1. First of all, if you are reading, thank you! If you are a regular reader, even better. Please continue to visit Bmoreart regularly in 2013, for thoughtful daily coverage of Baltimore’s visual arts.

2. Subscribe!!! If you are not a current subscriber, become one today! It costs nothing. All you have to do is click on the ‘*follow’ button at the right bottom of this window to receive email notifications of highlighted articles and posts. This does two things: makes sure you don’t miss important arts coverage and helps Bmoreart attract advertisers, which, in turn, helps us to provide more and better coverage. You won’t recieve email notifications every day, but should get several each week.

3. Add Bmoreart ( to your personal, gallery, and professional mailing lists. Help to keep us informed of exhibits, events, and projects worthy of coverage.

4. Friend Bmoreart on Facebook. This page is open for friends to post notifications, invites, links, and opportunities for artists.

5. Attend as many local exhibitions as you can. Take photos and send them to us, or post them on the Bmoreart Facebook page. More participation, coverage, and documentation = a richer arts experience for everyone.

6. PURCHASE original, local works of art! I don’t care if you buy out of a gallery, an artist’s studio, museum gift shop, or craft show, but please realize the huge significance of this act. There is a ripple effect from one local arts purchase to the next. Whenever I sell a piece of art, I spend a part of the money on a work by a local artist.

7. Get Involved! Volunteer, Intern, Exhibit, Curate, and Write! This makes your brain sharper, your heart happier, your body invigorated, and your circle of friends richer. Bmoreart is always looking for contributors and interns.

8. Stay on top of opportunities for exhibits, grants, and competitions on Bmoreart’s Calls for Entry page!

9. Follow Bmoreart on Twitter for reposts of top articles and reviews from a variety of publications across the country.

10. If you are a local arts business, organization, or service – ADVERTISE on Bmoreart! If you have already purchased ad space with us, thank you. If you are considering it, we are the most affordable, effective, and respected online site read by the Baltimore arts community on a regular basis. More info and stats are listed on our advertising page.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Art-Filled New Year! We will see you in 2013!

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