Bmoreart’s Baltimore Art Openings and Events April 10-13

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This weekend don’t miss MAP’s Second Installment of the 30 Under 30 Series on Wednesday, April 10, Timothy App and Lillian Bayley Hoover at Goya Contemporary on Friday, April 12, and Same Same but Different at Guest Spot at the Reinstitute, Tim Horjus: Closing at CA, Seth Crawford’s Rummage Sale at Gallery CA, and Spray Tan Barbecuing with Lisa Dillin at Gallery 4 on Saturday, April 13.


Same Same but Different at Guest Spot at the Reinstitute
April 13, 2013 through May 25 2013

Opening Reception: April 13, 2013 7-10 pm
Closing And Panel Discussion: May 25 2-4 pm

Guest Spot & THE REINSTITUTE is proud to present a group exhibition curated by Same Same But Different. Opening Saturday April 13, 2013, the works will be on view through May 25, 2013. A panel discussion New York Centrality and the Practice will be held along with the closing Saturday May 25th from 2-4pm.

Same Same but Different is the third in an ongoing series of eponymous exhibitions organized by the collective of the same name. The infamous Southeast Asian colloquialism is used as both descriptor for their collaboration and inspiration for their exhibitions. Formed in 2012 in Brooklyn, they have previously mounted exhibitions in New York City and Seattle. Each exhibition is site-specific but remains rooted in the core concept of their collaboration, which is their common formal language of purposeful colors and simple shapes in complex arrangements. The phrase “same same but different” is elastic and is used by merchants to describe a wide array of wares. They have embraced its full meaning by using these exhibitions as an opportunity to showcase multifarious sides of their practices, thereby enabling different combinations of their work to produce new meanings and connections. For the show with Guest Spot @ THE REINSTITUTE, they have taken very literal inspiration from the gallery by expanding the scope of their collaboration by inviting two guest artists to join them in the exhibition space.

Jay Gaskill – Halsey Hathaway – Maya Hayuk – Fabian G. Tabibian – Amanda Valdez

The connective threads that one can find are limitless. Which do you choose? Same same but different.

Same Same but Different is an exhibition collective formed by three Brooklyn-based artists (Jay Gaskill, Fabian G. Tabibian, and Amanda Valdez). They do not share a studio nor do they make works together. Their collaboration supersedes the physical space of the studio; it exists ephemerally in conversation, in actions, and in shared thinking. The collective’s physical manifestation is in the exhibition space as a site-specific opportunity in which the three artists’ work is brought together to create new meaning and propositions. The phrase “Same Same but Different” represents the nexus at which their work converges and diverges from each other.

Hours: Wednesday 5-7 & Saturday 1-5 or by appointment



THIRTY: 30 Creative Minds Under 30: Dustin Boise, Nora Howell, and Alicia Ciambrone on Wednesday, April 10

THIRTY is a series of monthly talks featuring thirty emerging Baltimore artists under the age of thirty. All of the participants use a diverse range of creative practices, from visual art to performance, curatorial, community art, design, film, photography and technology to create visual experiences.



Timothy App: The Aesthetics of Precision, Forty-Five Years of Works on Paper

April 12 – May 29, 2013: Goya Contemporary Gallery
Reception: April 12, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Goya Contemporary Gallery

A complex collection of works on paper completed over 45 years, this exhibition reveals Timothy App’s process of discovery through drawing, providing a unique glance at the artist’s technical and formal development. Mirroring the intricacy and virtuosity of his larger abstract paintings exhibited at the American University Museum, “Works on Paper” aims to expand the viewer’s awareness of the important role drawing plays in the advancement of his artistic practice. In many ways, App’s status as one of the region’s most important living abstract painters is made possible through the vehicle of drawing.



Lillian Bayley Hoover: As it Is

Open to the public
April 12 – May 29, 2013: Goya Contemporary Gallery
Reception: April 12, 6:00 – 8:00 pm at Goya Contemporary Gallery

An outgrowth of previous examinations of disintegrating architectural models, the focus of Lillian Bayley Hoover’s current paintings live within the awkward interruptions of what might typically be considered the “right” picture. Each painting represents a single brief moment in which routine artifacts of one’s daily life are illuminated and transformed. Banal, domestic flaws-features that are typically avoided in the course of representation-are here given center stage. Stained, chipped, misaligned, and untidy items reveal the artist’s delight in discovery as ordinary, imperfect materials are momentarily engaged in awkwardly arresting formal relationships.

Abstraction and representation co-mingle brilliantly to create a sense of tension, embracing the incidental and insignificant facets of the artist’s personal environment, while simultaneously paying homage to the act of painting itself. Goya Contemporary is enthusiastically presenting “As it Is,” Lillian Bayley Hoover’s first one-woman exhibition at the gallery.


Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 4.52.49 PM

Tim Horjus: Solo Exhibition Closing Reception and Performance at Creative Alliance Saturday, April 13 from 4-5 pm

Horjus’ exhibition closes with a performance by Elm City Dance Collective. The dance group presents Contemporanea, a piece conceived by Lindsey Bauer – dance artist, teacher, and choreographer. The work is inspired by the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, and incorporates elements of the art form with dance and music. closing performance

Read Bmoreart’s review of the show here.



Lisa Dillin: Stopgap at Gallery 4

Reception and Barbecue !!! Saturday, April 13 from 7-10

On view March 16, 2013 – April 20, 2013.

On Saturday, April 13th, 2013, Dillin offers a second chance to engage in the participatory/performative event Primal Tan (you may want to bring a dark bathing suit in case supplies run out).



Seth Crawford: Old Work Rummage Sale at Gallery CA / ICA Baltimore
Jumbo Mumbo’s Seth Crawford will be having an Artist Rummage Sale of studio work, all priced from $5 to $100.

No early birds, rain or shine. Everything must go!

Go to for a preview of available work.

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