Bmoreart’s Picks: Baltimore Exhibits and Events for May 1 – 5, 2013

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This weekend don’t miss the 10th annual Transmodern Festival of performance art happening all over the city, a new exhibit of works by Miranda Pfeiffer and Ledelle Moe at Open Space, The Baltimore Satellite Reef at City Arts, Out of Mind at Gallery 788, and a Sunday afternoon discussion of political cartoons with KAL at the Walters.


The 10th Annual Transmodern Festival – May 2nd to May 5th, 2013 !

The 10th Annual Transmodern Festival is in cahoots with the Current Space, Maryland Art Place, The 14Karat Cabaret and the spaces in-between to present four days of ecstatic cultural experiments, music, film and performance. Featuring the immersive theatrical experience Rooms Fall Apart: A Serious Play, Catherine Pancake, with a curated film program and conversations about the early days of the festival. Also, an exhibit of the artworks of poet, writer, prankster, provocateur Blaster Al Ackerman, Baltimore’s own Dan Deacon and filmmaker Martha Colburn in person presenting new work! Other featured artists include Moss of Aura, Snails, ocdj, AsiminaChremosBonnieJones, Laure Drogoul, Rachael Shannon, Bele Bele Rhythm Collective, David London, Alex Funk, Maddie Hicks, Ryan Dunne, Heather Lewis, Alix Fenhagen, Melissa Moore, Fluid Movement, Ruth Pettus, Eric Leiser, Virgina Warwick, Michelle Nugent, Ultra Sharlat, Olivia Robinson, Katherine Fahey, Barrage Band Orchestra, Fluid Movement’s Love Parade…… a MAYFAIR on sunday afternoon with a maypole to celebrate the Rites of Spring and much, much, more……..



Solitary Stones on a Rocky Shore: Work by Miranda Pfeiffer and Ledelle Moe
Opening Reception May 3, 7-10PM
Open Space Gallery
2720 Sisson St. Baltimore, MD 21211

Open Space is pleased to present Solitary Stones on a Rocky Shore, a two-person exhibition featuring recent large-scale graphite drawings and monumental concrete sculpture by Miranda Pfeiffer and Ledelle Moe. Curated by Max Guy the exhibition runs from May 3 – June 8.

The title Solitary Stones on a Rocky Shore refers to a passage on setting stones from Sakuteiki, Japan’s first recorded instructional guide to gardening.

“It is unusual to set large stones in places other than beside a waterfall, on the tip of an island, or in the vicinity of a hill. In particular, stones taller than ninety centimeters should not be set near any buildings. He who ignores this rule will not be able to hold onto his household; it will fall into disorder. Solitary Stones are best set on a rocky shore, at the foot of hill or at the top of an island.”

This instruction implies a geographical context that is entirely subjective. Suppose there are no cliffs to reference? No rocky shore? The gardener must re-imagine the world around them in a way sensible to themselves. In this way, anything can be understood as a solitary stone.

Miranda Pfeiffer and Ledelle Moe work in the traditions of landscape and monument respectively. Similarly to gardening, these traditions require careful geographical study. Landscapes and monuments tell the story of a local identity, but in a culture of global communication, local becomes personal. The studio becomes a space not unlike the prehistoric caves, where artists return to make sense of the transient world outside.

Installing the work within a constructed cave – with the gallery-walls and windows covered in printed concrete scans- the exhibition references aspects of the artists’ studio practices. The exhibition catalog At The Stone’s Request written by the curator, includes conversations with the artists and a mythology written on the occasion of the show.

Please join us for an opening reception on May 3rd from 7-10PM, featuring a musical performance by Bamboo.



Out of Mind, features artwork by eight contemporary artists who explore various states of mental distress from depression and self-harm to phobias and bi-polar disorder.

The artists featured in Out of Mind share a deep-seated desire to bring public awareness to the subject of human neuroses. Examining ways of coping with these ever-present difficulties these artists aim to strike chords of recognition in viewers about what it is to be human. The artists are rebelling against the fact that for too long these neuroses have been repressed and feared because of the archaic stigmas assigned to them. The works in the show make the point that these neuroses and personal instabilities are everyday realities that are within us all.

The Opening Reception is Thursday, May 2nd at 7-11PM
Gallery788, 218 West Saratoga St. Baltimore, MD 21201

At the opening reception I will give a curatorial talk about my project and research and will conduct a walkthrough/tour of the artwork. The talk and walkthrough will begin promptly 7 PM.

Artists Featured in Out of Mind – Corinne May Botz, Lauren Castellana, Ellie Dent, Chelsea Harman, Megan Lloyd, Michelle Pugliese, J. Marshall Smith, Audrey Van De Castle.

Gallery788 Hours: Thursday + Friday 3-7PM & Saturday 12-6PM

Links for more information:


The Baltimore Satellite Reef at Gallery City Arts
May 3 – June 28

Reception Friday, May 3 from 5-8 pm

The Baltimore Satellite Reef (BSR), a satellite of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project (HCCR), facilitated by artist Karida Collins is coming to Gallery CA.

Community members young and old from all around Baltimore City have crocheted this enormous coral reef replica. The larger HCCR project began in 2005 with Christine and Margaret Wertheim, of the Institute for Figuring, in response to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. The HCCR is a community arts project that creates new methods to engage the public about scientific and environmental issues. With an unusual fusion of mathematics, marine biology, handicraft, collective art practice and environmental consciousness, the BSR will be a unique and distinct part of what may be the largest community arts and science project in the world. Because of the flexibility of the formula and creativity of each community, it will be totally unique from the others, much like the ocean’s living coral reefs.

City Arts Apartments
440 E. Oliver Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202




Sunday, May 5, 2013, 2-3 p.m. FREE.
Join us for a lively conversation of political cartoons and the work of Richard Caton Woodville. Editorial cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher, will lead the discussion, from the perspective of his 35-year career producing internationally-syndicated political cartoons for the Baltimore Sun and the Economist. Book signing of KAL’s latest book, Daggers Drawn: 35 Years of KAL Cartoons in The Economist, will follow the event. Books will be available for sale in the Museum Store. More info here.

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