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New York’s favorite art blogger, Paddy Johnson, of Art F City came to Baltimore last weekend for a gallery tour with Michael Farley. According to Johnson, Baltimore’s grass is a lot greener than NY’s lack thereof. She described it as a place where “the people are still weird, the space is still cheap, and the work is still exciting.”

In the first installment, Johnson, Farley, and Whitney Kimball speak honestly about the strengths and weaknesses of the shows they visited (Conor Backman at Nudashank, Lisa Dillin at Gallery 4, and Harrison Tyler at sophiajacob)  and showed a high degree of admiration for Baltimore’s emerging art scene, smelly staircases and all.

Many kudos to Michael Farley for being his smart, entertaining self and showing Johnson exhibits which represent many of the best qualities we have to offer.

Read the original post ‘We Went to Baltimore: You Should Too’ here and stay tuned for Part II of Art F City’s whirlwind tour of Baltimore, “a place where the money never was to begin with.” Maybe her next blogpost should be titled ‘We Went to Baltimore: You Should Too – and Bring Your Credit Cards.’

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