Highlights from MICA’s 2013 Senior Thesis Artwalk by Cara Ober

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IMG_3922Sabrina Chin

“The 2013 Commencement Exhibition highlights works by nearly 400 emerging artists in the undergraduate class of 2013. By transforming the College’s permanent galleries, hallways, classrooms and open spaces into one expansive gallery space, each student is able to show a substantial body of work.”

Programs of study: animation; art education; ceramics; drawing; environmental design; fiber; general fine arts; graphic design; humanistic studies; illustration; interaction design and art; interdisciplinary sculpture; painting; photography; printmaking; and video and film arts.

Here, in no particular order, are some of my favorite pieces of artwork from MICA’s 2013 Senior Thesis Exhibition, which occurred from Friday, May 17-Monday, May 20.

IMG_3860Taylor Black (foreground)

IMG_3871Annie Rochelle

IMG_3913David Eassa

IMG_3920Vivian Doering

IMG_3908Gabriel Zea

IMG_3912Aaron Pennington

IMG_3926Andrew Hardy

IMG_3915Nicole Dyer

IMG_3902Jessica Childress (and below)


IMG_3897Jonathan Levy

IMG_3895DeAndre Briton

IMG_3892Picture Plane: Jacob Weinberg, Corynne Osterman, DeAndre Britton (sculpture), and Jonathan Levy

IMG_3879Corynne Osterman (detail below) and DeAndre Britton


IMG_3875Emma Fineman

IMG_3876Jessica A. Davidson

IMG_3885Walker Teiser

IMG_3874Weird Winters: Taylor Black, Peter Ferguson, Nathan Miller, Erin Meyer, Andrew Thorp

IMG_3867Christine Bergeron

IMG_3827Lisa Warren

IMG_3865Emily Robertson

IMG_3824Justine Kablack

IMG_3864Irem Getinor

IMG_3813Don’t You Want To? Vote 2012: Jiana Lieberman and Aviva Paley (and below)


IMG_3803Erin McKnight

IMG_3862Jordan Pemberton

IMG_3856Sydney Miller

IMG_3837Michelle Porucnik

IMG_3834Amy Cousins

IMG_3855Andrew Hardy

IMG_3852Caitlin Engels (detail below – hand cut paper)


IMG_3831Rei Lem (above and below)


IMG_3849Aaron Chung

IMG_3848Nicole Ackerman

IMG_3845Andy Rader

IMG_3842Emir Cantic

IMG_3839Matthew Vanderslice


Taryn Delinsky

IMG_3782Allison Hatfield (detail below)


IMG_3798Theo Pinto

IMG_3811Kymberly Day

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