We Saw This, So Should You: Hydroflow at Silber Gallery by Ian MacLean Davis

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Gallery Shot_Goucher_Hydroflow-72
Hydroflow at Silber Gallery
Goucher College in Towson, MD
Curated by Laura Amussen
In Hydroflow, a new art exhibit at Goucher College, 10 artists- Christian Benefiel, Sukey Bryan, Mike Calway-Fagen, Eric Dyer, Matthew Fisher, Allyn Massey, Lisa Moren, Matthew Northridge, Calla Thompson, and Elena Volkova- use paint, photo, video, sculpture, and installation that explores the multifaceted aspects of water.  More info at Silber Gallery’s website.
April 9 – May 19, 2013
Gallery Hours:  11am-4pm, Tuesday-Sunday
Allyn Massey_Unknown_Goucher_Hydroflow-detail A-72
Allyn Massey, detail below
Allyn Massey_Unknown_Goucher_Hydroflow-detail B-72
Christian Benefiel_Untitled_Goucher_Hydroflow-72Christian Benefiel
Calla Thompson_Untitled_Goucher_Hydroflow-72Calla Thompson
Calla Thompson_Untitled B_Goucher_Hydroflow-72
Elena Volkova_Airscape_Goucher_Hydroflow-72Elena Volkova, above and below
Elena Volkova_Unknown_Goucher_Hydroflow-72

Lisa Moren_Chesapeake Bay Water Lipstick_Goucher_Hydroflow-72Lisa Moren’s Chesapeake Bay Water Lipstick, detail below

Lisa Moren_Chesapeake Bay Water Lipstick_Goucher_Hydroflow-detail-72

Lisa Moren_Marbelized Paper from the Gulf of Mexico_Goucher_Hydroflow-series-72

Lisa Moren’s Marbelized Paper from the Gulf of Mexico, detail below

Lisa Moren_Marbelized Paper from the Gulf of Mexico_Goucher_Hydroflow-72

Sukey Bryan_Melt Waters_Goucher_Hydroflow-72

Sukey Bryan

Matthew Fisher_Sun (Second Version)_Goucher_Hydroflow-72Matthew Fisher

Matthew Fisher_Nape_Goucher_Hydroflow-72Matthew Fisher

Matthew Fisher_High,Low_Goucher_Hydroflow-72Matthew Fisher

*WST, SSY: Every week Bmoreart’s contributors travel around town to view the art showing in and around Baltimore City. ‘We Saw This, So Should You’ is a new series where we post photos from these exhibitions to give the work greater exposure. Obviously, photos are inadequate in capturing the inherent qualities of these works. Art is always best viewed in person, so we recommend that you do so, whenever possible.

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