School 33 Studio Tour Part II: Photos by Dwayne Butcher

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Want to know what artwork and studios look like all around Baltimore? The School 33 Studio Tour is the best way to answer this question. Artist and new Baltimore resident Dwayne Butcher went to eight different locations – Creative Alliance, School 33, Kelly Walker, Bromo Tower, Hampden Mill Center, Parkdale Building 1, Ash Street Studios, and Gallery 788 – to scope out as much art as is humanly possible. As you will see, he had quite a busy weekend.

Creative Alliance Live/Works Spaces –

alessadra_torresAlessandra Torres

Francisco_Loza_01Francisco Loza

Francisco_Loza_02Francisco Loza

Francisco_Loza_03Francisco Loza

kate_mackinnon_01Kate MacKinnon

kate_mackinnon_02Kate MacKinnon

michael_owen_01Michael Owen

michael_owen_02Michael Owen

michael_owen_03Michael Owen


The two unknown images are from works in the hallway that were not labeled nor near any particular studio. Apparently they are from a class taught at CA.


School 33 Studios –

Several of these studios that were listed to be open, were not. Others said they left around 230-3. So, I missed them. Oh well.

david_brown_01David Brown

david_brown_02David Brown

lauren_boilini_01Lauren Boilini

lauren_boilini_02Lauren Boilini

lauren_boilini_03Lauren Boilini

ruri_yi_01Ruri Yi

ruri_yiRuri Yi

Kelly Walker Art Star Studios –

If there was one artist that stands out, from a purely marketing standpoint, it is Kelly Walker. Not to be confused with the NYC based Kelly Walker of Guyton/Walker. BMore’s Kelly Walker is branded as an “ART STAR” which you can plainly see labeled on her trailer and as evident with her email She does commissioned based paintings but the focus of her studio is faux finishing and collaborating with interior designers. She just moved into this space and was giving away shots of rum. I had two. She also has a very friendly OSHA compliant studio, as you can see with the guy on the ladder holding his rum.





Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower –

dave_ehlers_01Dave Ehlers

Diane_geltyDiane Gelty

elizabeth_sullivanElizabeth Sullivan

janet_jeffers_02Janet Jeffers

janet_jeffersJanet Jeffers

photo-53Interior of Bromo Clock

studio11_theatreStudio 11 Theatre at Bromo Tower

Mill Center, Hampden

dottie_campbell_01Dottie Campbell

dottie_campbell_02Dottie Campbell

Elizabeth_cadwaladerElizabeth Cadwalader

katharine_brieger_02Katherine Breiger

katharine_briegerKatherine Breiger


Parkdale Building 1

Wow. This is a great building. It is too bad the entire second floor was dark on my visit. Oh well. Oh, I do wish that the guy that has a magician studio on the third floor would have been there. That would have been awesome.
Terry Thompson was one of the very few artists that had half of their studio dedicated to viewing the artwork on the walls as if in a gallery space. The studios here are more than large enough to do it.

jessica_damen_01Jessica Damen

jessica_damen_02Jessica Damen

jessica_damen_03Jessica Damen

marc_boone_01Marc Boone

marc_boone_02Marc Boone

terry_thompson_01Terry Thompson

terry_thompson_02Terry Thompson

terry_thompson_03Terry Thompson

thirdfloorparkdaleThird Floor, Parkdale Building

Ash Street Studios

By far the most interesting work and studio set-up was at Ash Studios. They were even giving away beer coasters. Nice. Only one artist was present and she was sitting at the front door saying hello to everyone and giving away the coasters. However, the majority of the studios did not have any names or anything to identify the artists. Oh well.

dave_eassa_01Dave Eassa

dave_eassa_02Dave Eassa

nicole_dyer_01Nicole Dyer

nicole_dyer_02Nicole Dyer

nicole_dyer_03Nicole Dyer








unknown_09David Eassa




Gallery 788

I guess this is not technically a studio at all, but art in the hallways leading to the exhibition.
 The best thing of the day was the rat graffiti. Take that Banksy.

alec_pugileseAlec Pugliese

bart_taraujBart Tarauj

matt_muirhead_02Matt Muirhead

ratRat graffiti

unknownawesomenessUnknown Awesomeness

matt_muirhead_01Matt Muirhead

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