Precision: A New Film about Chris Bathgate by Nick Kennedy

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If you haven’t noticed, the intersection of digital fabrication and the arts is having a moment right now. But this is hardly anything new for Chris Bathgate, a self-taught machinist sculptor from Baltimore. Chris has dedicated the last decade of his career researching and building CNC machines out of a basement studio and creating scores of harmonious metal forms. Each successive work embodies the culmination of Chris’ experiences from learning new technology.

In the short film, “Precision,” British filmmaker Nick Kennedy swiftly captures a small slice of Chris’ labor-intensive process. Just as adroit as his subject, Kennedy has choreographed a gorgeous industrial symphony of Chris’ work, process, and aesthetic. Baltimore is also featured prominently in the short film, with the Station North Arts District and Silo Point serving as jarring surrounds for Chris’ gleaming metal objects.

Precision – Sculpture of Chris Bathgate from Nick Kennedy on Vimeo.

You can take an even closer look at Chris’ most recent work in “What’s Up: New Technologies in Art” at the Mansion at Strathmore. The show runs through March 2, 2014, and the opening reception is on January 17, 2014, from 7 to 9 p.m.

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