ALLOVERSTREET, The Newest Art Crawl in Station North

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ALLOVERSTREET is a new, monthly night of simultaneous openings and events on East Oliver Street. The February ALLOVERSTREET will be held this Saturday, February 15, 2014 across five arts spaces on East Oliver between Guilford and Greenmount.

Cara Ober: How did this idea come about? Who thought it up?

Kimi Hanauer: Having lived in Pittsburgh before moving to Baltimore, I was used to the idea of a monthly night of simultaneous openings and events. In Pittsburgh we’d have a gallery crawl on Penn Ave in Garfield once a month and another art walk downtown once a month. The idea of an art walk is definitely not an original one. Station North has the Final Fridays events, and many Baltimore art spaces coordinate their openings in conjunction to one another. I think initially I was drawn to the idea of coordinating some sort of art walk my first year at school when I moved to Baltimore. It was just a night of studio openings in my building that some friends and I called Process Gallery. After moving into Penthouse Gallery at the Copycat last year and trying to contribute in activating this space, it just seemed like the natural progression for everyone involved with Process Collective to try to coordinate this type of thing.

CO: What is the purpose of this monthly event?

KH: I really believe that art, or more specifically an art community, has the ability to reinforce basic democratic principles such as the importance of dialogue, tolerance, respect, honesty and equality. These principles have the ability to empower individuals by connecting them with new resources, ideas, spaces of dialogue, and most importantly other people. Baltimore has a lot of amazing things about it, especially within the different arts and music scenes. Having a monthly event of openings can push the growth and persistence of the amazing people and art spaces that live in this area.

Lil' Gallery
Lil’ Gallery

 CO: What should visitors expect?

KH: You should expect a whole range of different types of work and spaces. This time around there will be four openings, one of which is a brand new space at the Copycat called Lil’ Gallery.  There’ll be works ranging from wild Dean Cercone paintings, to Tony Auth & Jenn Kim popcorn sculptures, Process Collective zines all over the place, awesome performances at the Annex 2E, and of course some hot chocolate and an exhibition of personal objects at City Arts! It’s going to be a great time.

CO: Why is it so great to be able to walk from one art space to another??

KH: Its just really exciting to see so much art, so many people interested in it, and so many spaces motivated to supporting it all at once. Walking from space to space, seeing different people, new work everywhere, allows for a much broader perspective on our community in general – not only considering one piece or one space, but it allows us to be able to consider how we all exist together and the power that we can hold as a community.

CO: What do you need in order to keep this thing going?

KH: Everyone who’s been involved has been awesome!! The more people on board the better. There’s always room for help, whether it’s making posters, coordinating a show, or sweeping up the floors. If anyone is interested in participating or has any ideas of how we could improve you can email any one of the art spaces and people involved or reach Process Collective at

Here’s a list of all of the openings happening:

Penthouse Gallery – Copycat Apt. B501, 1511 Guilford Ave.
REGALIA: Dean Cercone and Evan Price, Curated by Kimi Hanauer

Bodega Gallery – Copycat Apt. A100, 1511 Guilford Ave.
FEED THE BIRDS: Tony Auth and Jenn Kim

Lil Gallery – Copycat Apt. C403, 1511 Guilford Ave.
Founding Fathers: Tony Auth, Claire Felonis, Sara Grose, Jenn Kim, Stephen
Leinhaas, Ian Reynolds, and Dan Scully
facebook event:

Annex 2E – Apt. 2E, 419 E. Oliver St.
Flat Tires: A night of performances
*Some performances contain mature content

Gallery CA – 440 E Oliver St.
Baltimore 1: The residents of CityArts Apartments
*Free Hot Chocolate!

To see documentation from last month’s event, go to process collective’s tumblr page!

Evan Price
Evan Price
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