MICA Adjuncts Vote YES for a Union

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Official text from MICA’s Part Time Faculty Committee:

On April 10th ballots were sent out by the National Labor Relations Board to all MICA part time faculty. 335 adjunct faculty members had the opportunity to vote on whether or not to form a collective bargaining unit, effectively unionizing adjunct faculty at MICA.

Yesterday these votes were counted at the National Labor Relations Board office in downtown Baltimore. The votes were tallied in a carefully choreographed process and we are pleased to share the results here: 163 Yes votes, 75 No votes.
Our victory is a decisive one! Voter turn-out was high (over 70%) and Yes votes out-numbered No votes by a factor of more than 2 to 1.

We wish to thank each and every part time faculty member for your time, patience and participation in this election campaign and process.



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